Winter Campaign-Dan Bruton

Dan Bruton has pulled off his big pit to enjoy some winter action and despite the lousy conditions he’s caught some stunning fish of late. Dan takes up the story…

“Late autumn, going into winter, has to be one of my favourite times year. I tend to move off the bigger pits and move onto the smaller, more prolific waters, hoping get a bend in the rod and enjoy a bit of fruitful winter fishing.

The start of my campaign proved to be very slow this year; the fish were active in the hours of darkness, but not playing ball. With them being so active, it was clear that they were still feeding. So, I made a few changes and things picked up.

Having located the fish, I started introducing bait regularly into the area. The conditions were perfect considering the time of year; it was surely just a matter of time. Finally, I got proceedings underway with a cracking mirror.

As you can imagine, I was gagging to get back into the area on every session from that point. It was on a session the following week when the action really got hectic. By the morning I’d managed to bag three lovely fish, two of which were absolute belters. The baiting strategy seemed to be paying off.

Thankfully, the following week I managed to get in the same area. This time however, things went slightly wrong. Strong southerlies drifted large weed beds into my lines, making it incredibly difficult to fish effectively. This unfortunately resulted in two hook pulls through the night. However, in the morning a fish boshed over my right-hand rod, which was shortly followed by a bite.

The Stow pulled up to the top and I was in! What a relief, it saved a disastrous session and ended up being the best-looking fish of my campaign. A scale-perfect zip linear; to say I was over the moon would be an understatement.

After finishing the session on a high, I’m desperate to get back down and hopefully keep the action coming. The fish are still active; so don’t hang you’re rods up, there’s plenty of action still to be had.

Get out there and be lucky.”