Winter bite time - Tyler O'Flynn

After a recent successful session on the park lake, I was keen to get back out there, but I had work and all day and I was looking out of the window, thinking how warm it looked for January - I couldn’t wait to get the rods out!

The day dragged on and by the time I was setting up that evening, it was already dark and the grass was turning cold and crispy beneath my feet, but by 8.30pm I was in the warm bivvy with two rods out.

I'd not fished this swim before but knew it had good winter form, so I fell asleep hoping the effort of setting up in the dark would pay off. The next morning I felt gutted as I’d not had a bleep, although my mate Dan had caught a 15lb mirror so I was still hopeful.

At 11.30am the left hand rod was away and I soon had a nice common sat in the net that turned out to be 18lb 14oz. I wasted no time in getting the rod back out, knowing how winter feeding spells can be short, but it wasn't until 4.30pm that the right-hand alarm screamed off and this felt like a much better carp.

It stayed deep throughout the fight but I soon I netted a decent looking common, which weighed in at 23lb 8oz. I was really happy with the result and the cracking looking carp.

Both fell to a balanced Mainline Cell hook bait with a size 6 Krank hook, tied blow back-style, on 8 inches of 20lb Korda Kamo and a COG lead system followed by 3ft of Kable leadcore.

I'm out with a mate over Bayeswater next week and hope I have another nice carp to show you.

Until next time,