Willing To Change - Ed Betteridge

I've been putting a lot of thought into rigs recently, because I wasn't happy with the presentation of my normal hinged stiff rigs in silt, and the swim I found myself in on my latest session was very silty. In previous sessions I had a good lead around the swim, so I knew where a few firm spots were located, but despite the fact that the lead was landing with a thump as it hit the lake bed, I was unconvinced that the lake bed was completely clear of silt.

So, the rig I opted for on my left-hand rod was the reverse snowman setup that I had used to great effect over the years. I fish this rig with a Milky Toffee pop-up closest to the hook and a Mainline Hybrid bottom bait furthest away. I finish the rig off with a PVA stick; this is mainly to ensure the rig doesn't tangle, which is something I'm very paranoid about at the moment, but it all adds attraction to the hook bait. I didn't want to use a this rig on the other rods because I was casting a little further out and fishing very small spots amongst the heavy silt, but again I didn't think these spots were clean so I adapted my hinged stiff rig. Instead of using the IQ2 Fluorocarbon boom, I opted for a softer N-Trap Soft boom section, tied to a rig ring and a very short hook section. With an over weighted pop-up, I knew this rig would fish better in softer bottoms if the lead was to plug in. To avoid tangles I used an anti tangle sleeve coming straight off the lead clip to guarantee a degree of separation and prevent it frapping round. These rig changes worked with four bites in the first 24 hours of the session and three fish landed, including 32lb 8oz and 24lb 6oz commons and a 27lb mirror.
Ed Betteridge