Wildbores Come Close

Korda duo Jake and Dan Wildbore narrowly missed out on topping the podium at the 2010 British Carp Angling Championships. As with 2009, this year’s final was held at the prolific Broadlands Lake in Romsey, Hampshire. The lads drew peg, which put them on the edge of Motorway Bay, which was home to a good number of fish before the off.
Jake told us how they tackled the swim, “We had island margins to go at but they only produced bream throughout the event. We had an unpegged swim close to our right, which Ali Hamidi and Gaz Fareham fished last year. Because there were no lines out there, we felt that the fish would treat it as a safe area.
“It seemed that they would move out of the bay under the cover of darkness, which is when Dan got action on the rod that he chucked over there. Our first fish, which weighed 15lb, put us in the lead for four hours and we were never out of the top three after that.
The lads ended up 35lb short of the eventual winners, which equates to the three fish that they lost on the last night. The Wildbore’s took their 167lb 8oz haul on 12mm CC Moore N-Gage dumbbell hook baits, tipped with plastic corn along with small Funnel Web bags of crushed boilies. They introduced a small number of freebies to keep the carp coming. The successful rigs included size-eight Wide Gapes tied blow-back style on Hybrid Soft.
“We would have taken the result if you’d have been offered it at the start, but we’re still gutted because we really wanted to win.” Let’s hope that you go one better next year lads!