Wildbore Hauls - Dan Wildbore

September had arrived and with all my focus and attention going to the BCAC final, any fishing planned at my syndicate lake had to be put on hold. My brother Jake and I got a couple of overnight practices in beforehand and I found out that, despite what everyone told us, fishing open water could be more productive than targeting the islands. The draw saw us end up in a swim that historically failed to produce in the final but the conditions looked good for it.
I opted for a five-inch Hybrid Soft hook link, tied to size 8 Wide Gape with a small 12mm N-Gage dumbbell hook bait, tipped with plastic corn. The fish turned up at night and tested our stamina, as sleep wasn’t really an option. Throughout the match it was cat and mouse with three pairs in touch with the title. When someone told us Billy and Jamie had overtaken us on Saturday night we couldn’t believe it. The swim was, for us, one of the least desired but it just shows just how good those lads are!
The fish arrived again Saturday night and fortunately we managed to add another 80lb to our tally. We ended up finishing second, which we were over the moon about. We managed to push the overall winners to the end, which was great but the thought of how close we came still turns the stomach. Well done to Wayne and Luke who fished a great match; roll on next year when we hope that we could go one better!
On the way home I couldn’t help but wonder when my next trip down to the pit would be. I loaded my spools with Kontour and scaled my gear right down. I managed to get down to the pit the following week, the conditions were spot on and I got into a swim that has a great track record this time of year. I decided to fish my normal N-Gage/Northern Special snowman and scatter a few baits around it. That night produced a lovely, chunky looking 32lb 9oz common, result!
The following week I managed to get back into the same swim. With the spots already noted down, the rods went out with the required donk. It was now just a case of waiting. A couple of hours later, around 1pm, the line pulled out the clip and I was away! After constantly weeding me up, I managed to scoop a familiar prize over the net. It was a common known as Baby Two Tone, which I had caught in the spring. She weighed 34lb 4oz and looked in top condition.
I was on a high from the previous couple of weeks I got back down the following week full of confidence. The bailiff was set up in the swim I had been fishing so I opted for the main body of the lake. This time I was armed with a few pints of maggots, so I spodded a couple of pints over a rod placed on the edge of a small bar. Dawn arrived and with the Coleman on full, I was just trying to warm my hands up when I was away! At first I thought it was a tench, but it wasn’t until she rose up from the depths and lay defeated on the surface that I realised what I had got! It was the woodcarving, a stunning mirror of 35lb 10oz.
The following couple of weeks were very unproductive so I opted to call it a day until spring. Joe Morgan had arranged a match between Jake and I for Carp TV in late October at Thorpe Lea, which ended up being great fun. I was a bit worried he might take me to school but fortunately for me I left the winning Wildbore!
Cheers, Dan