Why Use Kaptors? - Adam Penning

How long have you been working on this project?

AP: The Kaptor project has been in progress for over five years.

Was there a time that you thought that it wouldn’t come to fruition? Was this a technically challenging project?

AP: Absolutely. The most challenging aspect is successfully adding a dye to the PTFE coating. Other hooks are painted and scratch off easily plus they don’t have the penetration-enhancing benefit of PTFE. Ours are colour-permanent, matt and penetrate slickly.

Explain why we should use a Kaptor rather than another hook.

AP: Kaptors are sharper than a standard hook simply because the tip of the hook does not have any PTFE coating on it. Additionally, the colours we have used are designed to tone with the lake bed, providing perfect camouflage. A super sharp, camo hook – what more could you need?

Why leave the point uncoated?

AP: The more coatings you add to a hook point the duller it’s ultimate sharpness becomes, so our process prevents the coloured-PTFE section from covering the tip of the hook. The point is coated only in a corrosion resistant finish and is therefore thinner and ultimately sharper.

How did you choose which patterns to release?

AP: This was pretty straightforward. Our two best selling patterns are the Wide Gape and the Kurv Shank so we chose to introduce these first. Others will follow but the program was more than big enough to begin with these two patterns.

Do you think that these hooks represent a genuine evolution in the hook market?

AP: Absolutely! There have never been hooks like these before! Just in terms of the packaging and the Kaps they are miles ahead of competitors. When you look at the colours, the quality of the coloured-PTFE coating and the fact that they are based on the most popular hooks on the market what is there not to like?

Have they made a difference to your own fishing?

AP: Definitely! Much of my fishing is done in shallow, gin clear water where hook sharpness and camouflage are vital. Kaptors have taken things to a whole new level for all of us here at Korda!