Why Not Try It? - Team Korda

The big brother of sweetcorn, maize, has to be one of the most effective particle hookbaits around. Whether it’s cast over the top of a spodded area, lowered into the edge or fished as a single hookbait, maize will do the business.

Maize is most commonly used within a spod mix, the little yellow grains give the carp something a little more wholesome to home in on. This is important when fishing with small food items such as hemp. Carp can easily become preoccupied by a carpet of tiny seeds but by adding some larger, more colourful food items into the mix you can avoid this. Instead the carp will start to actively search out the grains of maize, this is great way of getting quicker bites whilst using particle.

Maize has the advantage of being a lot tougher than sweetcorn and this makes it an ideal hookbait. The last thing you want is for your hookbait to come of on impact, something sweetcorn is susceptible too, especially at long range.

If you are going to be preparing your own maize you need to be 100% sure that it has been done correctly. First, you need to soak the maize in water for 24hours, once you have done this you can then think about boiling it. Pour the whole lot into a large saucepan and the boil it for around an hour. It is important that the bait become dramatically softer and swells up somewhat too. A good sign that it is ready for use is the cracking of the skin that surrounds each grain. Adding salt to the water prior to boiling is a good way of making your maize that little bit more attractive so bear that in mind too.

Balancing your maize hookbaits with the use of foam or buoyant, imitation maize is another deadly tactic. By adding buoyancy you create a hookbait that is incredibly light and will travel much further into the carps mouth. This not results in more hooked fish but it also improves the quality of the hookholds.

More recently it has become possible to purchase ‘pva friendly’ maize, and fishing maize like this is an excellent method. Whether you are casting pva bags at showing fish or simply plopping them out over the top of a baited area, particle in pva catches carp. For a long time it wasn’t possible to do so but now that it has become possible it has also become very beneficial.

The colour yellow has to be one of the most prominent factors in why this bait is so effective. For one reason or another carp simply love yellow, it has been proven time and time again. Baits like maize are a great example of this and you can take advantage of them by using them in your fishing.

If you haven’t already tried it then give maize a go, it might just put a few extra carp on the bank for you this summer.

Team Korda.