What you can expect from the latest episode!

Italy featured in the first ever series of Monster Carp and has some fantastic wild waters containing some very big carp, so the trio set off to see if they can track one down.

Their adventure begins in the mountains close to Bologna, where they know of a dammed lake that not only holds some very nice carp, but is also set in amongst stunning surroundings, with thick forests and rolling hills.

They know that they aren’t fishing for monsters on this venue, but still have great fun landing a few of the stunning carp that inhabit this very clear lake, and over the course of a couple of days they all get their Italian campaign underway, knowing that the next venue that they will be fishing will be far more of a challenge.

Eventually it is time to head off and drive up towards the border with France and Switzerland, and after a quick detour to sample some of the local cuisine – and tap up the restaurant owner for some info on the next venue, which he regularly fishes – they continue their journey to Lago di Viverone.

This large lake is situated close enough to the Alps that their snow-capped peaks are visible on a clear day, and the fishing there is going to be a real challenge as it is full of weed, has hordes of hungry nuisance species, and a lot of the fish are caught at very long range, using a boat to drop the rigs and also play any carp hooked.

It takes them a while to adapt their approach and be in a position where they feel in with a chance of landing one of the monsters that inhabits this water, but with limited time remaining, will they be lucky enough to hook one of them?

Make sure you don’t miss the episode three of the new series, which first airs on ITV4 on July 25, at 8pm - if you aren’t going to be at home, ensure you’ve set your box to record.