What Is a Choddy? Tom Dove explains...

We designed and produced the Choddy to feature a very aggressive beaked point which made it very different to what was accepted at the time. The most popular hook during that period was an ESP Stiff Rigger, that has a straight point and we were ridiculed slightly for going against that considering the its success. 

In my eyes, both a beaked and offset point are features of a hook that help with good hookholds, so I felt the benefit of the beaked point would instantly help the success of this hook. The Choddy was based really closely on the Wide Gape which must be the most successful carp hook of all time, so we were always very confident it would work. The only change we made was to out turn the eye allowing it to be used with stiff hook links without closing the gape of the hook! 

The hook hasn’t evolved since, the only thing that has changed is sharpness of the point, a natural progression with hook technology over time that we put into our full range of hooks. 

It was always on the list for the Choddy hook to fall in to the Kamakura range as it’s one of our most popular patterns, so it made total sense! The Choddy is actually the perfect hook for the Kamakura points as the beaked point tends to sharpen far better than a straight point and rigs normally used with a Choddy are often pop up rigs which means the hook point is held off the bottom, ensuring the super fine point stays undamaged and very sharp!