What a Stunner - Martin Pick

Martin Pick, or Picky as he’s more commonly known, has brought a recent barren spell to an end in fine style by banking one of Wellington Country Park’s most sought after residents, The Linear at 43lb 8oz.
The colossal mirror was landed on the second night of Martin’s recent three-night stint. He decided to set up in a swim known as The Hole In The Bush, a swim well known for producing winter bites. After chatting with some anglers on the lake, Martin’s swim choice was looking better by the minute as they told him that they’d heard fish showing in the area. They had mentioned that they heard several carp crash out during the night in that swim.
After leading around, Martin located a clear spot amongst some weed at 100 yards range. He deposited a kilo of 10mm, 15mm and 18mm DT Baits Cold Water Mix and Green Beast onto the spot. It was Martin’s first time using the bait but he felt confident due to the bait’s great track record. After introducing the bait, Martin’s rigs soon followed. He used an adapted version of the Hinged Stiff rig, using 20lb N-Trap as opposed to a stiffer material – a setup that he’d seen Korda’s Elliott Gray using. Martin attached a 15mm fluoro Green Beast and Fresh Orange pop-up to the rig and used his 3.75lb Infinity DF to cast to the spot.
It was around midnight when Martin received a savage take. As he lifted into the fish the rod arced over but the fish had found solid weed. Martin rushed to the boat, gradually winding himself out to the fish. Once on top of the fish, he carefully broke apart the weed. He told that, “As I broke away the weed I saw a large shape beneath – I was in no doubt that it was a carp. I started shaking; the adrenaline rush was unreal. I kept on glancing at the full moon hoping that the carp I had hooked was a leviathan. After tearing off the weed, the fish suddenly emerged from the depths and I scooped up a big ball of weed, along with a huge carp.”
Martin sacked the fish safely in the margins until first light, when our own Danny Fairbrass helped him with the pictures. With Martin making regular trips down to Welly, who knows what else he will catch. We are sure he will keep at it and no doubt land some more of the lakes whackers along the way. Nice one Picky!