What a result! - Max Brodehl

In this article I want to give you a flavour of my fishing this year. I caught many carp with the help of Korda products, especially during the last two months. Early in September, I caught a common carp, which weighed 67lb.
The carp took a homemade Insect Fishboilie in 5m of water over a shell sandbank. I used a Distance Casting Lead to get the range and ensure that I could cast as far as possible without getting the rig tangled. Additionally, a small PVA stick was threaded onto the hook link. It consisted of two parts: firstly, Bait-Tech Envy Hemp & Halibut and Bait-Tech Special G Green mixed 50/50 along with some 3mm pellets and a few chopped boilies crushed by the use of the Korda Krusha. That’s how I made the finely ground part, which my Korda Wide Gape size 4 hook was threaded in. The coarse part of the mix was pressed into the Boilie Funnel Web to achieve a preferably high luring impact.
In addition to the PVA-stick, I threw out two handfuls of boilies and three Sky Raider spodfuls of a spod mix, which consists of Bait-Tech Envy Hemp & Halibut, Bait-Tech Special G Green, pellets in various sizes, tigernuts and corn. Every hour I spodded another Sky Raider per rod. This strategy proved itself valuable. In the first night, I caught six carp between 14lb and 29 lb.
I used the following weekend to produce a few kilos of boilies. The night at the following weekend was momentous. Besides a beautiful carp of 29 lb, I caught my personal best of 67 lb, a huge common. The rig, which consisted of the above-mentioned Korda products, worked perfectly.
Two weeks later, I caught the same carp in another part of the lake with the same equipment and the same baiting strategy. I’m convinced that I caught this carp purely because of the good baits and especially the inconspicuous hook link and lead. Hence, I have complete confidence in Korda products!
I hope you liked my strategy and you can still catch a lot of fish this autumn. Best wishes and a lot of fish
Max Brodehl