Welshy Banks His Target - Paul 'Welshy' McCarthy

A little while back we featured a cracking brace of thirties banked by Paul ‘Welshy’ McCarthy from Cleverley Top Lake. This is how we signed off the piece… “He will continue to wade through the lake’s stock until the day that the big ’un succumbs to his efforts. With Welshy making regular trips down to the lake we’re sure it’s only a matter of time!”

Well, just as we predicted (albeit after a run of blanks over the winter), Welshy has banked the impressive Top Lake big ’un, Geezers. The chunk, which was recently banked by our very own Rob Willingham, slammed the scales to an impressive 45lb on this occasion. A swim called Cox’s, which was tucked away on the back off a freezing wind, produced Welshy’s first bite since November on a three-day session. Although the north-easterly winds were cold, Welshy wanted to be close to shallow water, as he was sure that the fish would be attracted by the strong sun and Cox’s offered that opportunity.

Welshy opted to fish just 25 yards out, onto shallow ground with a light silt covering. He used 20lb Weed Green N-Trap soft hook links, tied KD style to a size-six Kurv Shank. His leader was a Safezone Lead Clip version with a 2.5oz pear lead clipped on. Once his rods were out, Welshy put out half a kilo of Tails Up OCM boilies over the area; a feast fit for a big ’un.

Having arrived on the Sunday afternoon, Welshy finally got the bite that mattered at 09:45am on the Tuesday morning and photographed the fish in the early spring sunlight. Well done from all at Korda Welshy!