Welly Haul - Ian Stott

Ian Stott has been in touch to let us know about a recent hit of big fish that he took from Southern super carp fishing water, Wellington Country Park. Targeting the Sluices swim on the 35-acre venue, Ian spread three hinged stiff rigs across the swim at the start of a 48-hour session. His rigs were constructed from Mouth Trap hook sections and Mouth Trap booms and the rig was baited with Sticky Baits Peach & Pepper pop-ups.
Ian stayed up until 3am on the first night, watching the water for signs, until he finally dropped off. He was woken by a run at 5:15am, which turned out to be well-known Welly whacker, Lumpy, the great fish that tormented Danny Fairbrass on the Underwater DVD filmed at Welly. Lumpy smashed the scales round to 42lb 14oz and Ian sacked him until the morning.
Half an hour after he’d done the pictures, his left-hand rod simply tore off! This fish rucked hard before Ian was able to slip the net under it. It was clearly another forty – Ian’s first 40lb common. To find out exactly how big the fish was, you’ll have to wait for the article to appear on this site soon as Ian has written a full account of his carp fishing session for us!