Warren's PB Common - Warren Fenn

"This spring I’ve been targeting Lee Jackson’s Cotton Farm in Kent in the hope of netting the jewel of the lake, the ‘Little’ Big Common. Living a good 90 minutes from the venue and only being able to squeeze in two overnighters a week, it would be no easy task. I really struggled to adjust to the amount of angling pressure the lake was seeing on my first three overnighters. It wasn’t until my fourth session that I managed to get a swim where I was on the fish, and managed to welcome two of Cotton’s smaller residents, commons of 14lb and 19lb. On my next overnighter, I managed to get in a swim called the Little Beach, where I saw a decent mirror hiding under a willow tree (I was certain it was one of the A-Team, but wasn’t too sure). The next morning, my rod just off the willow tree roared off with a large mirror gracing my mat. It was in fact one of the A-Team, Yellow Belly at 33lb 4oz.

After heavily baiting that spot as I left with Mainline Baits new Banoffee High Impact boilies, I managed to get back in the swim a few days later for another overnighter. On this session I spotted a rather large common under the willow tree. In the back of my mind I knew that it was the big girl, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure. The next morning I woke up to motionless indicators. The sun started to rise and I started to pack away, when all of a sudden, the bobbin on my left-hand rod pulled up tight; it was the spot off the willow tree. I connected to a very powerful fish, which took me through two weed beds. It took me the best part of 10 minutes before I had the fish under control and plodding around in the margin. I could see it was a good common as the water is crystal clear. After a couple of hairy moments I managed to get the big common into the net, result! A couple of other anglers who’d watched the battle came round to lend a hand. As we got the big girl onto the mat I knew straight away that it was the ‘Little’ Big Common, result, as it was only my 6th overnighter. On the scales she went 38lb 2oz, a bit down in weight from last year but still a personal best common for me and the reason I joined Cotton Farm. Her sheer beauty left me blown away as I held her for the camera. One of the best-looking commons in Kent in my opinion.

All four carp were caught using a Kaptor size-six Choddy hook, fished on weedy green N-Trap Semi-Stiff, fished as a simple pop-up rig in conjunction with a Hybrid Lead clip system, fished with a Mainline Bait Banoffee pop-up."