Vikings lead the way at Gigantica!

It’s been a funny old year at Gigantica. With some of our rarest residents getting caught, but at the same time less runs for the season than last year.

We have wracked our brains for the reason and come to a couple of conclusions with excessive over-baiting by customers using our boats being the primary one. Uneaten bait was building up all over the lake so fish always had free food to eat, so why risk eating on an angler’s spot?

It is staggering how many people put 10 kilos of boilies in on day one even though the week before produced only a handful of bites. Even crazier are the guys who put all their remaining bait in on Friday night, even though they haven't had a bite all week! So, since September, we have implemented a change in the use of the boats and it has worked a treat. Now our bailiffs bait up for you, taking a maximum of three kilos out at a time and if you are not getting bites they will not put in more bait, stopping this build-up for the weeks to come and increasing your chances of a bite that week because you are not putting bait on top of bait. In contrast, if you are smashing it and want to put more in, they will do that too, we always want our fish well fed so they grow, but not overfed.

This has been re-enforced by our regulars from Sport Dres a tackle shop in Denmark. They never use the boats, preferring to use throwing sticks from the bank. They come every year at the end of October, and every year they do well. This year they had two new seventies! Christian in the Big Southerly swim started the week off in grand style with Cluster at 73lb; not out for 15 months and 10 pounds bigger than it has ever been. Then, later in the week, the group leader Peder had The Twin at 72lb. That takes our tally of known seventies to nine, including Fudgie’s, which we expect to be 85lb having not been out since just after spawning in June. If you want some carp porn check out our gallery at gigantica-carp.com/fish.

Of those nine seventies, five haven't been out this year and all will be expected to have put on weight including Single Scale, which we expect to be a new eighty! They also have form for coming out in November and December so if you have time at the moment I suggest you drop everything and get out there, pronto!

Our bailiff team have been amongst them as well. They can only fish the swims the customers do not want in the draw so have become masters of getting blood out of a stone. Buzz is a super-nice guy and a super-good angler; he braced a set of sixties recently, taking Ziggy Stardust at 64lb and Robert’s Fish at 65lb. Both were taken on three grains of plastic maize fished over maize and hemp. This is a great tactic in winter as fish find it easier to digest carbs in cold water, rather than fats or proteins, making particles and easily digested boilies like Mainline Cell our top winter baits.

The other change that is already starting to work is the end of the tiger-nut era. In the beginning, mixing them with boilies worked brilliantly to get the fish troughing, but then they started to be used as the total feed, which again worked well but after a couple of years of this they have made the fishing harder rather than easier. Because leftover tigers can be eaten days or even weeks after they have been introduced, there is always free food lying around, so why the hell are fish going to eat on a spot with lines running through it? It is also possible that fish could even eat the tigers that have already passed through another fish, making even more free food available all over the lake.

If you are coming this winter you will need very little bait. Our particle mix of hemp and maize is supplied at the lake for €15 euro for 10kg – that will last you all week and three grains of slow sinking IB maize is the best bait Buzz has used with this approach.

If you bring boilies please avoid fishmeals and high protein or oily baits, all of these still taste nice but stick inside the fish and so make them dormant and impossible to catch. As I have said Cell is always a winner and five kilos will do you for a week easily, and if you catch so many you run out we have more in stock in reserve.

The pike fishing is also superb with numerous fish up to mid-twenties. Bigger have been seen but not landed as yet. Some of our winter anglers fish for both carp and pike, which is fine with us. We even have roach dead baits in the freezer completely free of charge.

So, if you are up for a bit of low-cost winter 'man’s' fishing give us a call to check out availability on 01268 820440 or e mail bookings@gigantica-carp.com

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