Video Frenzy!

Check out some of the most thrilling video footage to date folks; full of monster fish from England all the way through to Thailand. Watch Gaz Fareham get towed from weed bed to weed bed all from the decking of a boat as he battles it out with a fish of a lifetime – Heather The Leather. It truly is an amazing moment in carp fishing history and he’s here to share it with us all (to view, log into Fish Action in the Movies section or Gaz’s Team Korda page.)

Part Two of Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove’s Thailand escapade is now available to view. Witness some enthralling fish action, prehistoric-looking leviathans and all-round banter - you can’t miss this one (to view, log into Fish Action in the Movies Section or Tom Dove’s Team Korda Page.)

Then we have some more top footage from some other members of the talented Korda team. Adam Penning discusses all things bait on the banks of Abbey Lakes in France. Then we have Ian Russell, master of all carping tactics, talking PVA sticks (to view, log into Bait Footage, in the Movies Section, or either of twos dedicated Team Korda Page.)

We also have one of the best big-carp anglers in the country giving his take on rigs. Darrell Peck will be no stranger to you having caught monsters such as Two Tone, The Fat Lady and numerous other huge, sought-after carp. Well, we have Adam Penning interrogating his mind as he reveals some cunning, yet simple, presentations (to view, log into Rig Tip Footage, in the Movies Section, or once again onto Darrell’s very own Team Korda Page.)

It doesn’t end there you know. Kristian Morris, a regular contributor to our gallery section, has also sent in some interesting viewing on Frimley Pit Three where he has spent the year outwitting its mysterious commons. Check it out for some lovely, lovely carp (this is available in Fish Action which once again falls under the Movies Section category.)

Remember to keep an eye out next week for yet more fresh video footage and an exhilarating Part Three to the Thailand Adventure.