Up Your PB

No matter how well you season is going, you could always catch a few more! The simplest way to get ahead of the other anglers on your lake is to have some one-on-one time with one of the best anglers in the country, Darrell Peck. His Kordatorial service is gaining a growing reputation for providing anglers with a wealth of new tips and tactics, as well as more than a few new PBs.
So why book a Kordatorial? Well, the success stories are mounting up. Take Franics MacConoville, who booked a 48-hour session with Mr Peck. Fishing at Great Linford Lakes, Francis and Darrell covered feature finding in weed, location and rig construction, which all culminated in two new PBs for Francis.
You can book Darrell for 10 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours – and just because the 10-hour session is shorter, don’t let that make you think that it’s not worthwhile. I’m sure that Daniel Woolmer would agree that a day with Darrell is more than worthwhile. He bagged 20 fish including a new PB of 19lb. Darrell’s advice on clipping up to island features and effective PVA bagging techniques helped Daniel make the most of his day out.
Can Darrell help you catch big carp too? Well, John Roper applied techniques that he’d learned on a Kordatorial on the session that followed his time with Darrell and banked the every first forty pounder to fall to the Goo; Great Linford Lakes Clover. Tellingly, John was already a competent angler, but Darrell helped him to finetune his techniques, especially weed fishing, which worked well for him!
The success stories are simply too numerous to include here, but if you want to be part of the ongoing Kordatorial successes, then simply ring us on 01268 522 417.


10 hours - £180
24 hours - £300
48 hours - £450 (GREAT VALUE!!)