Unstoppable - Jim Wilson

As you can probably imagine, after the success of my last few trips, I was keen to get back to my syndicate to see if my luck would hold. However, after some bad news early in the week, I was unsure as to whether to actually load the car and go fishing or mope around at home. Well, after a severe bout of insomnia, I loaded the car and was heading down the A1 Cambridgeshire-bound at around 2am.

I arrived well before first light, grabbed my low chair and my jacket from the motor and headed off with the warm service-station coffee. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I searched out signs of where to set my stall for the trip.
I eventually heard a few fish show and just grabbed the day kit and set about getting a couple of rods sorted to see if I could encourage an early bite or two for the trip.

Well, it worked, and around an hour and half after casting two Milky Toffee pop-ups at showing fish I had a bite. After an initial few seconds everything went wrong and started grating, sadly the main line parted. I was a little despondent at this point, but held myself together, sorted the rod out and a fresh rig and bait were despatched back to the area. Around an hour or so later the same rod was away, resulting in a 21lb common.

With this action, I opted to get the rod back out and install myself properly in the swim. I baited two margin spots heavily with a mixture of hemp, pellets and Hybrid boilies, all topped off with a good glug of Hybrid bait soak.

The rest of the day and first night were really slow, so late the following morning I reeled in and went off searching for some carp to fish for. After a good couple of hours looking, I couldn’t find any that made me want or feel the need to move on to.

So, I topped the spots up and got the rods back out on the same spots. The only difference being that I changed the rods over the hemp and pellet onto balanced bottom baits, using short N-Trap Semi-Stiff hooklinks and the trusty size-six Wide Gape hooks.

Around nine thirty that evening, my right-hand rod pulled up tight and was nearly wrenched off the rests. After a hectic, frantic fight under the tip I landed what was clearly a massive common, and the scales confirmed it, settling at 39lb 12oz. I was absolutely blown away to be fair... I even managed a couple more during the night!

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