Underwater 8 Launched!

Well, the most anticipated release of the summer is here, and you’re going to LOVE it. Underwater 8 will be in your tackle shops this week, and it’s set to eclipse even its predecessor… Underwater 7.

For the very first time on an Underwater film, Danny Fairbrass surrenders the rod, letting first Tom Dove, and then Ali Hamidi, take the reins and test their tactics in front of the underwater cameras. Needless to say, this development results in some of the most absorbing and compelling footage ever filmed in the carp-fishing arena. The famous residents of St Johns play their part too and we renew our acquaintances with the likes of Gums, The Box Common and the Big and Small Plated mirrors.

The lads try their favourite tactics and to say that the results were eye-opening would be doing the whole production a disservice! Every missed chance and ejected rig is captured on film as Tom and Ali try to out-think their wary quarry, tweaking and developing their presentations to hook more carp. They learned loads while filming this epic and you can tap into that yourself when you get your copy.

Just like Underwater 7, part 8 climaxes with the capture of yet another of the St Johns A-Team, on a rig whose performance surprised the whole team!

Tackle shops will have the DVD in store from Wednesday of this week, so head down there, pick up your copy of Underwater 8 and change your fishing forever…