Underwater 7 Out Now!

Well, the momentous day has finally arrived (no, not that one, we’re a month too early!); Underwater 7 DVDs are being sent out to Korda stockists all over the UK! If you’ve preordered one from your local shop then they should have it in stock on Saturday. If you haven’t preordered, then it’s best that you hightail it down to your local shop and bag your copy before they sell out!
Of course 500 lucky people got to see an advance screening of the carp angling film of the year when we held our Cinema premiere a couple of weeks ago. Even those people haven’t seen the final DVD version though, as the film was shortened for the screening (the DVD version is well over 4 hours long!). The feedback that we had from that event was extremely positive and we can’t wait for the rest of the carp world to see it too!
Everyone who has seen the film agrees that they’ve learnt lots from it, at that includes the likes of Fairbrass, Hamidi, Dove and Clarke! It’s a staggering piece of angling filmmaking, featuring the capture of plenty of fish, the highlight of which is of course, the capture of The Big Plated, caught on film from bite to netting!
Underwater 7 is set to be the biggest-selling DVD that we’ve done, so make sure you get yours soon!