Tyler O'Flynn shares his BYCAC experience

It was Monday the 3rd of August, the day of my eliminator in the British Young Carp Angling Championship. This year, I thought I would give it a good crack to see what happens and this is my story on how it unfolded.

The horn sounded at 9am that signaled the beginning of the start of the BYCAC eliminator and it was not long after that I was into the first fish of the competition in peg 16. I was overwhelmed when I landed this 17lb 3oz mirror and it was just what I wanted, a nice early start. I was hoping that this fish would be enough and secure my place in the final.

I did not just give up there and put the rod straight back out on the spot at 19 wraps. It was hard going with little action across the day with only five contestants landing fish, which meant I was through to the final.

It was back up to Linear’s Oxlease for the final. I set off on the Friday morning leaving nice and early to get there at 6:30am. It had changed in the final to a watercraft draw meaning your name would be drawn out of a bag at random but you were able to pick the swim of your choice. I had a good look around the lake to see what swims I would like to fish and noted down many swim numbers, the features that looked good in them and where I saw fish show.

I was waiting for my number that I’d been given, five, to be called out of the hat but sadly it wasn’t pulled out until third from last. I wasn’t about to let my head drop but I didn’t have a clue what swim I was going to select. With three swims left available, I felt peg 30 would give me the best chance of landing a carp.

The 11am horn burst into life signaling I could start. I began leading about and baiting up the spots and it went well. I found a good, hard spot at 23 wraps and felt I had done the best I could with the swim I was fixed in for 48hrs.

Unfortunately, I did not get the net wet in the final and it was an aggravating time seeing fish come out from other swims down each end of the lake. In the 48hrs, I didn’t see many fish in my swim at all and when I did it was like they were not interested one bit. I suppose that’s just how it goes; I tried everything that I could and put in my hardest. Spodding Mainline Souper mix over different depths of Korda Ready Tied zigs every so often to keep the dinner bell going but it still just didn’t work. I even tried mixers as I saw a few on the surface for a period of time but it felt like it wasn’t going to be my day.

I have come away from there with lots! I had learnt plenty and gained so much experience that I can carry on to my own fishing. All that matters is that I got to the Final and I had put in 100% effort and I am happy with that.

Although the BYCAC Final didn’t go to plan, I made sure that I was prepared for whatever situation. I tied up ten solid bags ready to go so no time was wasted if I had a fish, which in the eliminator, I put to test when I landed that 17lb 3oz mirror and another bag was sent straight back out onto the spot in no time at all. The rig was tied using a Size 6 Kurv Shank, 18lb Weed Green Supernatural onto a 2.5oz flat pear and two foot of Kable Leadcore.

The final presentation took place at 1:30 and it was good seeing who had finished in what position, the new champion and all receiving our bits from all the kind sponsors and a BYCAC medal!

I would like to thank Syndicate Tackle for all their great help, to all the marshals and the event organizers, as it was a fantastic event to be apart of. Congratulations to all that took part in this year BYCAC and of course, Dan Price for winning the competition.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the BYCAC and would highly recommended this event to any young anglers out there.

Tyler O’Flynn