Two heavier sizes of the COG lead system are about to hit the shops!

Fans of the COG lead system will be pleased to hear that there are two new sizes coming to tackle shops next week!

COG stands for Centre of Gravity and the name has come about because of the way that the rig attaches to it, ensuring that when a fish picks up the bait and lifts the lead, it is doing so from the centre of gravity and therefore feeling the full weight of the lead instantly.

The COG system is designed to be used in conjunction with a lead clip, along with the special boom that has been made to turn this into one of the most effective hooking arrangements, as you no longer have the usual problem with the amount of movement that the clip allows before the fish feels the full weight of the lead!

A range of special booms has been designed specifically for each size and shape of lead to ensure that it is just the right length – too short and the lead won’t fly through the air properly, and too long and you’re likely to get tangles.

The lead has a hole in it exactly where the centre of gravity is, and the grommet holds everything in place during the cast and until a fish is hooked, but then releases and allows the lead clip to work in the usual way, so the lead can drop off.

There are two different shapes of swivel lead – a flat pear and a distance – in a choice of green or brown coating, and following the popularity of the original sizes we’ve now added a 4oz and a 5oz version.

These heavier COG leads are going to prove very popular with anglers fishing in Europe, as well as in the UK if you’re on the rivers or in any other situation where you want to, or need to, use a bigger lead.

They are in tackle shops from Tuesday and will cost £2.10 each and £4.99 for the COG System kit that includes three lead clips and tail rubbers as well as three COG booms.