Twenty minutes in the right place - Jamie Londors

Following my recent success with the 43lb mirror on my Essex syndicate, we had carried on the pre-baiting throughout the winter with half a kilo of Mainline Cell every few days. Even when we have not been able to fish, which has been frustrating at times, we've carried on doing this.

But I knew we would get a chance very soon and Sunday saw me rocking up for a day session for the first time since I had my last fish, Scaly Tail, back in January. I soon had the rods on the pre-baited spots but after five hours with no fish I started to look for a move.

I tied three new multi rigs and made the move round to the snags. The rods were run round the sticks and I went tight to the snags first cast. Five pouch fulls of Cell were put out and I only had to wait 20 minutes for the first bite, which was a 33lb 8oz mirror.

Over the next four hours I had fish of 21lb, 22lb, 24lb, 26lb and I went back the following night and had fish of 19lb and 23lb.

A great result in cold weather at this time of year!

Tight lines,

Jamie Londors