TV Shows on The Site

As of now you can watch your favourite carp-fishing shows, right here on this site. That’s right, we’re running the full-length Korda productions that have previously appeared on Sky Sports and Discovery. Rather than these shows being lost forever, we’re making sure that they’re given a permanent home on this site. All you have to do to access them is to click on the Movies tab above, then on the Korda on Sky tab and hey presto, you’ve got a whole world of viewing at your fingertips!
All Korda shows will be hosted in this section over time but initially, we’ve popped a selection of BYAC, Carpfest and Carp Academy (including 2010’s shows) episodes onto the site to get things kicked off. In time, you’ll be able to watch all of our shows whenever you feel like it! Expect to see your favourite Thinking Tackle episodes joining those already up there very soon. It’s a huge step forward for the Korda website and demonstrates that Youtube isn’t always the place to turn for your online watching demands.
Here’s a quick rundown of the episodes that we’ve uploaded already for your viewing pleasure…

BYCA 2008 (1 Episode) 2009 (2 Episodes) 2010 (1 Episode)
Carpfest 2006 (2 Episodes)
Carpfest 2007 (3 Episodes)
Carpfest 2005 (2 Episodes)
Carp Academy 2007 (4 Episodes)
Carp Academy 2008 (3 Episodes)
Carp Academy 2009 (4 Episodes)
Carp Academy 2010 (3 Episodes)