TTOD at B1 on Linear Fisheries... Find out more

Danny Fairbrass is joined by Korda sponsored angler Lawrence East at one of the UK’s best big carp day ticket fisheries… Linear Fisheries, Oxford. In this episode of Thinking Tackle On Demand the guys take on a lake known as Brasenose One, home to two and a half thousand carp.

Danny arrives to find Loz already set up and “working his arse off” but with nothing to show for it… yet. Danny F decides to start the session with Zigs after seeing hundreds of fish on the surfaces whilst the camera guys were flying the drone. Black, Yellow and Brown foam cannot tempt the fish over several hours so Danny decides to put out the bottom baits. With no boilies in sight, he spombs out sweetcorn and hopes the fish will begin dropping onto his baited area.

Danny explains; “This session is all about effort and Loz is the man to show you how to do it”. Watch as the guys show you all the tips and tricks to get bites on a highly pressured, but highly stocked venue.

This Thinking Tackle is a great representation of ‘modern day’ carp fishing and showcases what lots of people have to deal who may not be on a syndicate. The venue is a Mecca for carp anglers as there really are so many big fish due to the amount of bait that gets fed into the lakes. A large amount of thirty and forty pound fish is the reason lots of anglers travel from all over to visit Linear Fisheries.

“Fishing with Loz is exhausting, it’s always inspiring to fish with people that are very aggressive in their fishing, very driven. It’s like fishing with Darrell, it makes you fish harder because you are trying to catch up… there is no slouching allowed” Danny explains as the session progresses.

The high pressure and hot weather slowly begin to change, and that night Danny manages to net the first carp of the session. In his own words “my first Brasenose carp for about 10 years”, a pretty 21lb mirror carp.

The next day passes by uneventfully and Loz begins to take a different approach, sending one of his baits “Margaret the maggot” out to spread the word that the guys are desperate for a fish.

As it gets dark Dan’s first rod off the baited spot is away and he battles to guide it away from disturbing the other rods. With Loz on hand and “rubbered up” in his waders already he nets Dan’s second B1 carp of the session. At that point his BIGGEST Brasenose carp ever and caught on 1 piece of maize and 1 piece of plastic pop-up corn on his Combi Rig. This is followed by his new BIGGEST Brasenose carp ever.

Eventually Lawrence gets that bite he has been waiting for and whilst netting it Danny cannot resist teasing him about having a second fish on a rod he is moving out of the way. The fun and laughter were short lived as it turned out that the fish wasn’t hooked by Loz and was, in fact, a trailer. This is a fish that is trailing line from another angler who may have lost the fish previously and therefore doesn’t count as his capture.

Finally, it all comes together and Loz has the bite he has been working so hard for. An emotion fueled Loz puts the landing net under the fish he has been working so hard for. The relief on his face will remind anglers all over the country just what that moment of relief feels like when carp fishing means so much to you.

Tips, tactics and an insight into fishing with plastic baits and maggots gives this episode a classic Thinking Tackle feel. Available Monday 3rd June at 7.00pm on Korda.co.uk and YouTube