TT on Shed!

Sky Discovery Shed is going Thinking Tackle mad ahead of the launch of Season Six on the channel. The latest series of the popular TV series goes to air on Tuesday 17th July, but not before 12 previous episodes dominate Discovery Shed this Sunday 15th July.

From 10:00am, right through until 16:00pm, you can watch uninterrupted TT and the schedule includes a further five shows, kicking off at 01:00 am and running through until 04:40am! If you can’t be at home, then make sure you record them!

Just a reminder about the show times for Season Six. Each show, starting with episode one featuring Gaz Fareham and Danny Fairbrass, premiers on the Tuesday night, before repeating the following Saturday evening. Set your set-top box to series record and you’ll get the whole series!

The lads have already been out filming for Season seven of the groundbreaking show, but for now the details will have to be kept under wraps! Watch this space for more details as we approach the launch date in the Autumn.

For a full schedule of programmes, check out http://www.korda.co.uk/events/