TT OD Season 3… Episodes revealed

A fantastic new series of Thinking Tackle On Demand is about to kick off, featuring hours of entertainment packed full of useful info and tips to help you catch more fish yourself.

Many of the most successful Team Korda anglers feature in this series, including the boss himself, Danny Fairbrass, plus Darrell Peck, Simon Scott, Mark Bryant, James Salmons, Loz East and Katie Watkinson, as they go about catching carp of all sizes from a wide variety of different venues, and employing all sorts of different tactics and rigs. PLUS we join some of our favourite Team Korda Europe anglers including: Julien Blot, Frank Curassier, Arjaan Brad, and Hrvoje Jakopčević for the action packed big fish fest that is Episode four RETURN TO TROIS ILES.

Season 3 kicks off (Sunday 21st June 6pm) with one of the most epic films that we have ever made – a 100-minute special FRENCH PUBLIC LAKE ADVENTURE! Danny and Darrell take on a massive challenge in the form of a huge public water in central France, and to make things even harder – both for fishing and filming – it is days only and involves using boats to fish. Danny almost reaches breaking point, nothing is going right and then Darrell has a breakthrough making things take a turn for the better. This is Fairbrass and Peck at their fishing finest hunting for wild carp in even wilder, weedy, snaggy conditions… showcasing skill and determination of the highest level. As well as being incredibly entertaining to watch, it is packed full of information not only on exactly what they are doing in terms of tactics and rigs, but also the thought processes behind that… techniques you can 100% use in you UK fishing.

In stark contrast, the second episode NORTON DISNEY DAY TICKET EXPOSED sees Danny joining James Salmons, Loz East and Katie Watkinson at Embryo Anglings mega day ticket complex, Norton Disney, in Lincolnshire. The action is fast and furious on the 2 lakes which they choose to fish. Although this venue is well stocked, they all have to work hard at the fishing in order to maximise their opportunities, and the tackle and tactics shown will definitely improve your success rate if you employ them at Norton Disney, or any of the many similar venues at home or abroad. A range of tactics and rigs are covered, as all the anglers do things slightly differently. A brilliant watch with countless tips for day ticket fishing.

The third instalment THE COTSWOLD SYNDICATE sees fish farmer Simon Scott joining bait baron Mark Bryant at one of his syndicate waters in the Cotswolds, as they go in pursuit of some very large carp, but banking one certainly won’t be an easy prospect. The style of fishing that they employ during this episode is typical of what will work on many other similar syndicate and club waters, and both anglers go into depth to explain exactly why they are fishing in the way that they are. Simon Scott is as informative and educational as ever, they both certainly know what they are doing as one of them ends up banking a very large carp for the cameras.

This season of TTOD concludes with RETURN TO TROIS ILES. This is the annual Korda sales summit, where our team from across Europe – who are all mad-keen carp anglers – descend on popular French holiday venue, Iles3 Lake. We have previously filmed an episode here during TTOD season 1 and were incredibly successful with some huge fish, including the biggest common carp that we have ever filmed!
With so many anglers from different countries, and who fish such a variety of different waters, there is lots to be learnt from this episode as the cameras follow the action as they get amongst some of the fantastic fish which inhabit this lake, and each angler has their own way of doing things, and their own view on tactics and rigs. Expect some HUGE carp with some 60lb+ fish making an appearance. So, whether you are planning a trip to Iles3 or a similar venue in France for a holiday yourself and are looking for some ideas on how best to approach your session, or just want to learn and pick up some tips from such an assortment of experienced and successful anglers, which can then be applied on your local venue, there is something for everyone.

TTOD Season 3 returns on Sunday 21st June 6.00pm | YouTube and Korda.co.uk