Trio of Northey Park thirties for James Salmons!

James Salmons ended his campaign on the Northey Park syndicate in style with a trio of 30s during a couple of sessions just prior to his ticket expiring.

He kicked things off with a fish known as Two Tone at 33lb 6oz, before returning to land Floppy Tail at 31lb 4oz plus another cracking mirror of 32lb 8oz during the same trip!

He explained: “I’d decided that I was going to drop my ticket so I wanted to make the most of the limited time that I had left, but due to work, studying and attending fishing shows, I knew I’d only manage a couple of weekends during April, plus the odd night mid-week.

“The weekend after The Big One show I managed to get out for three nights and when I arrived a little after first light I found a few fish on the shallows in front of the Point swim. But the more I watched the more I was drawn to the Last Stop swim as it looked warmer on the back of the wind and it was getting the early spring sunshine. I had a walk round the whole lake, but when I got to that swim and climbed a tree I could see that plenty of the fish in the lake were in front of it.

“By early afternoon I had the rigs in place and that evening was rewarded with a small common, which was sod’s law as a couple of the ‘A’ team were also around my spot tight to the far treeline at the time!

“The next day was cooler and the area was much quieter, although some fish were still laying up in the weed and snags, and after another quiet night I had itchy feet, so I wound in and went for a lap.

Halfway round I found exactly what I was looking for – an area of water in a small bay which was chocolate coloured and with bits of weed popping up to the surface where fish were rooting around. So, I quickly secured the swim and went back for my gear.

“I placed my rods in the area, with one of them being on a ‘banker’ little hard spot in the edge, but although fish were going over the spot they wouldn’t drop down. So just before last light I re-did that rod with a PVA bag of chops and took the other rods out, just fishing the one rod for the night.

“I awoke at first light and although the bay wasn’t as coloured it seemed like fish were still in there, and that was confirmed a few minutes later when the rod went into meltdown and after a quick battle I netted a fish called Two Tone at 33lb 6oz, and it was nice to tick it off my ‘wanted’ list.

“The last weekend of the season coincided with a members BBQ and luckily I managed to get the Friday off work so arrived Thursday evening. The lake was already busy but I managed to get back in the bay where I’d had Two Tone and got the rods out before dark, before changing into some dry clothes as the weather was awful!

“Nothing happened and I realized that the fish weren’t getting into the bay in numbers, and when I went for a wander I found the bulk of them in front of Last Stop – which was already taken – but they were also drifting in front of the Number One swim which had been vacated that morning, so I raced round there.

“I soon had the rods out but had also noticed a couple of fish dropping onto a spot behind some pads, and as no one was in the swim, I put a bit of bait on it. The next morning I lost a fish to a hook pull and then had my bait picked up by a coot, so I was pretty despondent.

“The BBQ was being held behind my swim, but before it started I got my rods back out, including one on the spot that I had baited. A couple of hours later the party was in full swing when my receiver signaled that I was away.

“I managed to turn it and get it up on the surface quickly, and it was then a fairly hairy fight back through the pads, but I managed to coax it all the way back to me and eventually netted a 32lb 8oz mirror. The rest of the day was spent celebrating and was a bit of a blur!

“As if that wasn’t enough, the next morning the rod placed furthest into the bay was away and the fight was fairly tricky as I could see a large common twisting and turning between the weed in the shallow water, but luck was on my side.

“Soon one of the fish that I most wanted to catch, Floppy Tail, was in the net and the lads came round to take some photos. It was a great way to end my fishing on a lovely lake that is fished by a top group of people.”

All of James’ fish fell to multi rigs, which he tied using Krank Choddy hooks to N-Trap Semi-Stiff.