Trio of fish to over 40lb for Marc Cavaciuti from the Essex Manor

Making the most of small windows of opportunity can really pay off at this time of the year as the fish are starting to wake up properly.

Firefighter Marc Cavaciuti was due to be working the night shift for a few days, but when he checked the weather forecast and saw that warm southerly winds were expected, along with temperatures into double-figures, he managed to change shifts, and it resulted in a trio of fish up to 41lb from the Essex Manor!

He explained: “With the weather coming in I knew that I had to be fishing. I managed to get out of the second night shift and left the fire station at 9am and drove to the lake.

“After the long, quiet winter that we’d had, with few anglers fishing, I was hoping that the lake would still be empty when I arrived.

“By the time I got there the wind had started to pick up and I managed to get into the swim where it had just started blowing. Even though it had only done a handful of bites over the winter, I knew that I had to be there to capitalise when they did switch on.

“I soon had three rods out in shallow water, fished over ten 16mm Sticky Baits Krill boilies which I broke and half, and had been soaking in Cloudy Bloodworm liquid, followed by a couple of pouches of corn over each rod.

“I was fishing all of my rods on my own adapted spinner rigs, constructed using a size 4 Kurv hook to four inches of Boom. This was baited with a Signature Pink pop-up and fished on a naked Heli-Safe System with 15lb Touchdown main line.

“I sat back to see if I could spot any signs of fish and right on dusk my middle rod was away, resulting in a scaly 25-pounder. The rest of the night was quiet, as was the next day, but that evening I was away again, and this time it was much bigger and turned out to be a mirror of exactly 41lb. That was followed by a double which I didn’t weigh, and with the weather due to change dramatically, I decided to pull off before the snow arrived!”