Tremendous Winter Haul - Carl Pritchard

Fryerning Fisheries has just thrown up one of the best winter hauls ever recorded to Essex angler Carl Pritchard. He had the session of a lifetime between Christmas and the New Year, tallying up a remarkable four-fish catch. The icing on the cake was a carp named The Gurm at a staggering 50lb 2oz but as if that wasn’t enough, Carl also added mirrors of 42lb 7oz, 40lb and 39lb 14oz.
Arriving at the lake, Carl secured a favoured winter swim called Right-Hand Point. He fished to the back of a gravel bar at 35 yards range, a spot known for producing fish. Carl decided to introduce a handful of DT Baits Cold Water Mix boilies over each rod. The baits were presented on standard knotless knot arrangements, featuring 20lb N-Trap Silt. Carl used 1m of Weed/Silt Kable Leadcore, attached to a silt-coloured Hybrid Lead Clip and 3oz pear lead.
Carl’s first bite came during his first night and, after a relatively short battle, a fish named The Rudder was landed. The fish weighed 40lb on the button, which was a new PB for Carl. As you can imagine, he was more than satisfied with the result but still topped up the spot, hoping for more action with the rod now back in position.
It wasn’t until the following night that Carl bagged another fish, and unbelievably, it was another PB. This time around it was a fish known as The Nunn at 42lb 7oz. It was turning into one hell of a session for Carl.
The bites didn’t stop there either and on his third night he landed yet another one of the lakes biggest. It was a real old character of a fish, known as Charlie and this too almost broke the 40lb mark, settling just two ounces shy.
Later that night the alarm signalled a fourth bite and Carl went on to beat his PB for a third time. The culprit this time was the lake’s biggest carp, a colossal mirror named The Gurm at 50lb 2oz!
Summing up his session of a lifetime, Carl told us, “The capture of my first UK forty was more than enough for me, but when I went on to take my second I was over the moon. The thought of a fifty always seemed a dream, my dream however soon became a reality. I really was in a world of my own.” Well done Carl, from all at Korda!