Top Tips From The Korda Koach!

Farlows Lake is a 29-acre gravel pit in the heart of the Colne Valley. The lake is steeped in carp fishing history and literally has something for everyone. Whether it’s catching them in the edge, off the top or at range tight to an island, Farlows has it all. For a day-ticket fishery, the stock is truly incredible, with the lake record being a staggering 45lb common and around 70 carp over the 30lb mark. If you’ve not visited Farlows before, it’s well worth checking out. Korda Koach Rob Burgess knows the place like the back of his hand and here are his top 10 tips to help put more Farlow’s carp on the bank.

Tip 1 – Use Social Media
Gauge as much as you can prior to arriving at the lake. The Farlows’ Instagram page is a great way of seeing what’s been caught prior to your visit. Keep an eye on the weather leading up to your session as this will have a huge impact on the carp’s behaviour. If it’s warm, then getting tight to the islands in the sunshine can give you a massive edge. The fish in Farlows love to get on the wind, so if you see a big south-westerly and low pressure approaching, getting on the end of it can be a game-changer.

Tip 2 – Talk to the bailiffs
The bailiffs at Farlows are always on hand to lend support and advice. As soon as you arrive at the lake, head straight to the bailiffs’ office to find out exactly what’s going on. You want to know which swims have been producing, which tactics have been catching and which swims are available. This can save you time and you can find out so much by having a quick chat with the bailiffs upon your arrival.

Free Information in the palm of your hand!

Balliffs are a great source of information! Be sure to get as much up to date info as you can

Tip 3 – Walk the lake and talk to other anglers
This is essential. The guys who are fishing will have so much knowledge at their disposal. It’s important to have a chat with other anglers to find out if they’ve seen showing fish and which tactics have been producing. So many anglers are super keen to get themselves set up in the first available swim they see and may miss key information. Leave your gear in the car, go for a walk and let the carp tell you where to fish. Take a bucket on your way round, so if you happen to find fish in an empty swim, you can secure it, before running back to get your gear. Putting in the graft early on will pay dividends as your session progresses.

Tip 4 – Keep open-minded and come prepared
Farlows is such a diverse lake, it’s therefore important to make sure you come prepared for any situation. You could be fishing tight to islands, at long range, fishing in thick weed, over large beds of bait or even on the surface. Make sure you have an armoury of tactics at your disposal and keep an open mind. Farlows is not a ‘one-trick pony’ lake - be versatile and prepared to change tactics throughout your session in order to work for your bites.

Tip 5 – Known Spots
The carp in Farlows can be creatures of habit and there are well-known spots that hold carp all year round. The islands in front of pegs 1, 2, 3, 43 and 61 can be deadly and the carp love holding up in these areas so if you see very little in the way of showing fish elsewhere, targeting these known spots is always a good bet.

Tip 6 – Solid Bags
Solid bags can be devastating when used correctly at Farlows. In open water, the bream can punish you with solid bags, but when fishing them tight to islands or in snaggy, weedy areas, the carp often cannot resist this type of presentation. A solid bag of small pellets with a brightly-coloured wafter hookbait, complete with a squeeze of Goo, can be irresistible to the Farlows’ carp and often, bites can be immediate with this tactic.

Tip 7 – Baiting
Apply the right baiting strategy to the appropriate situation. Singles can be a great approach at Farlows but, in contrast, if the weather permits and the carp are having it, then don’t be afraid to give them some bait. Small food items such as chops and particles can be deadly when used tight to islands whereas boilies in open water will help to avoid the bream and seek out the better fish.

Tip 8 – Rig Preparation
It is essential to be open-minded with your choice of rigs and to come prepared with plenty of options. The carp at Farlows are some of the most pressured fish in the country so it’s important to ensure you have confidence in the rig you are using. Keeping diverse with your approach and adapting to the situation you are faced with is crucial in outwitting the lakes’ carp.

Tip 9 – Hookbait Preparation
Spring is the time when the carp start to wake up so it’s really important to make your hookbaits as attractive as possible. Try making your hookbaits stand out from your free offerings by soaking them in Goo at least one week before your session. Easy prep’ that can have devastating results!

Tip 10 – Watch the Water
The carp in Farlows love to show and often give away their whereabouts, so always pay close attention to what’s happening. Farlows has a driveway around most of the lake, so moving swims is made even easier. If you see a vacant swim where the fish are held up, act immediately before anyone else can. Being on the fish is key, so keep looking and keep mobile to ensure you give yourself the best chance of catching more carp.

Walking the lake gives you a great perspective of whats going on, don't just setup in the closest swim for conviniecne and be sure to find out what's going on from other anglers

come prepared for any situation, be sure to prep your tackle box correctly before arriving to the lake