Top Northern Carper Bags Up!

Top northern carper Lawrence East recently joined the Korda ranks, and wasted no time in sending us his first catch report, which you can read right here…

“I turned up to the lake after work on Thursday evening to find that most swims had already been occupied.

With a warm westerly wind blowing and with knowledge from the previous week’s successful trip, I decided to have a look at a swim known as Pylon Point. This swim commands a lot of water at the windward end of the lake and no sooner had I stepped onto the peg than I saw fish showing out in open water.

I decided to put a bed of bait out where I'd seen the fish at around 80 yards and spread three rods out in a line to cover as much water as possible. I also baited up both margins with a few handfuls of pellets and chopped boilies, this was to give myself another option should nothing happen out in open water.

I put the rods out on IQ D rigs made from 20lb IQ and size-six Kurv Shanks. I decided to used a lead clip system as I knew for the next few days the weather was due to be warm and that zigs would be used at some point during my trip.

Lawrence put his faith in the awesome IQ D rig with Kurv Shank hooks and IQ fluorocarbon.

Dawn over Lawrence's swim.

At 02:00am I had my first take resulting in a 12lb common, which was slipped straight back. It wasn't until 08:50am in the morning that I had my next bite. I'd all but given up on another take over the baited area as the temperature had started to rise and in 25ft of water I felt the fish would be in the upper layers. I started to tie a few zigs up when the middle rod went into meltdown resulting in a clean 25lb 8oz common, I was over the moon with that one.

As the day continued the baited area went quite and the fish just seemed preoccupied with sunning themselves. I did use 18ft zigs for a few hours during the day but you could clearly tell the fish had other things on their mind. I decided to reel in and leave the lines out the water whilst introducing some more bait to the area for the evening and night.

The rods were reset around 07:00pm Friday evening and at 02:00am Saturday morning my right-hand rod burst into action with a 22lb common. I placed the common in the retaining sling and started to rebait when the middle rod went with a 24lb mirror. With both fish secure, I decided to get the rods back out to the spot whilst I sorted everything out for the camera. I started to put the tripod together when I received another take. Unfortunately this time luck wasn't on my side and the fish cut my line on one of the marginal bars.

With the rods back out and the fish all photographed I was up at first light in the hope of seeing fish in the area. I watched for the next few hours frustratingly at fish show over the baited area without resulting in another take. By 8am the sun had started to penetrate through the cloud cover and the temperature rose dramatically, I decided with another warm day due to quit whilst I was ahead and start packing my gear together.

At 08:50am and all the gear apart from the rods on the barrow my left-hand rod signaled a take at the exact same time as the morning before. Straight away I knew it was a bigger fish by the way it was fighting. After a 25-minute battle I managed to slip the net under what looked like a very good common. The fish weighed in at 30lb 8oz and topped off a great session in tough conditions. The lake only produced a couple of fish to other anglers during my session.

I've now done three nights back on the water and I've been lucky enough to get 11 takes so far, fingers crossed it continues into the autumn and the big girl isn't to far away!”