Top Anglers Confess Their Resolutions for 2016

To spin out the festive fun a little longer, we thought we’d ask some of our friends to tell us their carp-fishing resolutions for 2016! Some are somewhat tongue in cheek!

Sticky Baits media man, Dan Wildbore:

1. Beat my PB mirror of 40b 1oz. I wish the thing was 39lb 15oz with the amount of abuse I get!
2. As I plan to fish more, I want to try really hard at not getting fat again!
3. Hope that Jake doesn’t catch more than me on the lake we both have tickets for; I will never hear the end of it.

Northern big-fish maestro, Myles Gibson:

1. To fish around more. The past few years I have spent most my time fishing waters around the Oxford and Cotswolds area. So, with a few new waters and adventures in mind, I'm more than looking forward to the coming year.
2. To not lose my temper as much when Spombs start playing up!
3. To get a Ridge Monkey so I can make pizza on the bank!

Man on fire, Luke Vallory:

1. To ensure I have enough toilet paper when I go fishing as I'm getting fed up of retiring my socks!
2. To get a session in with Katie Watkinson.
3. To fish for a lovely old carp in the Lea Valley next spring, which I would love in my album before she bellies up.

Our own big-fish machine, Ian Bailey:

1. To try and catch the Carpworld Cover from Bundys Pit.
2. Try not to collect more tickets than the bus conductor, as you can't fish them all (athough I can’t say no to certain ones!).
3. Get to the bottom of what secrets go into Steve Cliff’s green bucket!

Leicester’s likeable big-carp man, Martin Pick:

1. To try and fish a bit more; I didn’t manage to get out anywhere near as much as I'd have liked in 2015.
2. Try my best to catch one of the biggest two mirrors that live in Wellington Country Park either one of them would smash my PB.
3. To be more organised. Having everything to hand with rigs pre-tied helps me to spend more time looking and searching for potential catches. I feel like I've lapsed over the past year and need to up my game.

Yorkshire rising star, Jimmy Hibbard:

1. To break a habit of a lifetime and wash my brew cup, because it's not ‘carpy’, it’s disgusting.
2. To minimise the amount of tackle I take. I travel light as it is, but I think I still take far too much .
3. To add more strings to my bow; it's not just about catching them off the bottom so I’ll be doing a lot more surface fishing as I want up my surface PB.

Bedfordshire thirties accumulator, Steve ‘The Apache’ Cliff:

1. In 2016 I will give it my best shot to bank a UK fifty.
2. Get even with a Gigantica monster on the mates trip I go on each year.
3. Try to help some of the other anglers out there enjoy their fishing as much as I do!

Prolific catcher of carp, both big and small, Brad Greening:

1. Concentrate on my target water. In particular there are two special fish in I would dearly love to get under my belt. The water itself is tricky with a low stock and can be very busy. It helps to regularly visit and 'stay in tune' with it. My aim is to purely focus on that water this season and put my other tickets on standby.
2. Win the BCAC with my brother. A personal goal of mine is to be the first angler to win the BYCACs and the BCAC. I am a big-fish angler at heart, however I am a naturally competitive person. I love the thrill you get when all the hard work and preparation pays off. Also the euphoria of landing a fish is often a huge buzz! It may only be 5lb, but you may have worked your absolute nuts off and it's enough to get you through to the next round and so on. We are penciled in for 2016 so fingers crossed!

3. Take weather reports as a pinch of salt! Overnighters feature heavily in my fishing, especially in the summer. If there is no rain forecast, the brolly stays at home or in the car and it's a night under the stars. However, it seems every time there is no rain forecast and I don't bother setting up a brolly, it seems to absolutely hammer it down!

Veteran northern carper and Korda agent, Clive Gibbins:

1. To ensure I fix all future draws on French trips ! My last two efforts, 8th out of 8 and 10th out of 10!!
2. To stop giving Darrell Peck tutorials, he seems to be getting the hang of it now.
3. Stay clear of Desperados because I foolishly think they aren't very potent!

Former Para and hugely experienced angler, Dave Levy:

1. I'm going to fish where I have a chance of a PB as it's stood for over 10 years and if I want to beat it I need to fish where there is one.
2. To watch less Netflix and spend more time watching the lake! Till the winter anyway!
3. To hire a hitman for anglers who hashtag all their Facebook photos. Lol!

Experienced and likeable Hertfordshire carper, Dave Finn:

1. Actually declare to the missus what fishing tackle actually costs, rather than just at least halving it and telling her that!
2. Catch two English forty pounders, ideally from two different waters.
3. Get engaged to Elliott Gray, not sure how Ian Bailey will take it...
4. Hopefully have a positive effect on others and transmit the enthusiasm and love I have for the sport.

Korda’s vastly experienced Essex man, Jay Willis:

1. Try to catch more than three carp next summer!
2. Tell my wife I must do more fishing!
3. Carry on enjoying it.