Time For 'Church - Adam Smith

Linch Hill bailiff, Adam Smith, checks in with a report from super day-ticket water, Christchurch Lake.

“With Stoneacres slowing down a fair bit, and the maggot season due to start on the ‘Church, I made the move over there for a session. After regularly walking round, it was evident that the carp were a bit moody on the regular boilie and particle presentations. After numerous discussions with other anglers, it became clear that everyone was gagging to have a go at them on the wrigglers, which normally switches the fish right on.

The first night of the session the carp went wild, but all in the back of the bay where anglers were fishing for them. They smashed out, one after another, but didn’t enter the main lake ‘till the second night, when they proceeded to bosh, give loads of liners and clear out baited areas; they certainly had their heads down. The liners and telltale noise of fish showing on the spot meant that the kettle was in overdrive.

It didn’t take long before a stuttery take materialised but the fish fell off halfway in. With one rod still on the spot I decided not to recast, and just after 4am the line smashed out of the clip and the rod one-toned! After an immense battle the net was slipped under a mint linear, weighing in at 27lb 6oz. It was a mint start to the session. No more takes were forthcoming that night, and after the recast the fish had clearly ventured somewhere else.

Early the next morning, the same spod mix was put together, consisting of maggots, casters, sweetcorn and a new boilie on test from Sticky, crumbled in, as well as some Cloudy Bloodworm liquid to complete the mix. The next night of the session turned out to be a right eye-opener. A friend had moved next door and when he popped up to the swim with a big grin that morning, I just knew he had nailed a lump. Unzipping the sling, the fish looked huge. After weighing on two different sets of scales we confirmed the weight at 49lb, a carp called Scar and a new Christchurch record, awesome Dan! After close inspection, we noticed that the fish was excreting different-coloured maggots, and knowing Dan had been using reds, it became clear the fish had been on my baited area but got away with it. The hook hold on the twenty-seven wasn’t too impressive, so a slight rig change was called for. Rather than fishing a balanced pop-up presentation, I swapped over for blowback rigs with 20lb N-Trap and size-six Wide Gapes. I moulded a large blob of putty an inch back from the kicker too.

As late evening crept in, so did the carp. They had certainly got their heads down on the spot again. It was the middle of the night before the same rod was away, nailing a mint 29lb 6oz common. The hookhold was immense, the size-six had rammed in there nicely. I had no more bites until the next evening, when the left-hander producing a nice scaley 31lb 4oz mirror, ending a session when adjustment to rigs was critical! Tight lines.”