Time for Action - Danny Fairbrass

“I have tried to acquire lakes in England for some time, narrowly missing some great opportunities. At the same time, I am constantly saddened by the impact otters are having on big carp stocks around the country. Many people either refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem on their waters, or simply cannot justify fencing because they have no money or don't know where to start.

It's not all doom and gloom; many people are doing great work for their own syndicates and some clubs are proactive, but I felt I could do far more to help develop new, affordable waters with quality fish that are protected from otters from day one, and also help those who cannot help themselves to protect their fish.

I am therefore setting up a totally not-for-profit organisation initially solely funded by me personally with three main aims:

1. To acquire leases on new waters or existing fisheries, fence them properly, stock them with quality fish and start new, low-cost syndicates populated by anglers who wish to contribute to their fishery with time and effort, as well as the cost of a ticket. As soon as these syndicates create excess money this will be used for more fish, new leases and fencing. No profit will be enjoyed by any individual.

2. To otter fence waters run by other non-profit organisations like fishing clubs. The funding for this will initially come from my own pocket but in future I will be hosting large events up and down the country to raise money for this sole purpose. Slideshows in large venues seating more than 500 people each paying 20 pounds will easily generate enough money to fence two 10-acre waters, especially if manpower is provided by the club to work alongside ground workers employed by me to do the job right.

In addition waters that have lost fish will receive new stock of high quality fish and those running them will be shown how to rear their own fish from spawn to create a conveyor belt of carp for the future of their club or fishery.

3. To give anglers a voice at government level working alongside groups like the Predation Action Group (PAG) and the Angling Trust. This is low priority at this time as I wish to concentrate the organisation’s efforts on creating and protecting as many fisheries as possible to secure the future of our sport. The political argument will be fought over many years and in that time many fish will be lost if we just talk and don't act!

I am looking for an, honest, passionate, and committed person to head up this organisation. No experience is required in running a fishery, although it can only help your application.

This is a lifetime’s work so only those interested in dedicating every waking moment of their working life should apply.

Salary will be totally dependant upon experience and the skills you bring to the job, but you must be a natural leader with outstanding organisational and negotiating skills as much of the role will be securing and managing new waters.

In addition, I need groundworkers prepared to work hard for a honest day’s money to develop new and protect existing fisheries, please send your CV with relevant areas of expertise.

Finally, I ask anyone prepared to donate either time, expertise or money to get in touch and tell us what you can offer.

I am totally committed to helping the sport I love not only survive, but thrive and expand beyond even my high expectations.

Thank you for your attention, I look forward to your response.”

If you want to apply to head up Dan’s organisation then please send your CV and covering letter to elaine@korda.co.uk. Make sure you include "CV for otter group" in the subject field.

If you are a groundworker and would like to work with the organisation, then please send your CV to the above email address.

Finally, if you can help in any way, then please send details to the same address.