Three amazing new Goos have hit the shops!

Over the years Goo has accounted for the capture of literally thousands of carp, and we are expecting the three latest additions to the range to continue that trend!

Kiana Carp’s Goo is already available in a number of different flavours and colours, and is deadly when added to hookbaits, PVA bags, spod mixes and similar, as the fish find it hard to resist the cloud of attraction which is given off by it.

Over the years almond has been one of the most popular and successful flavours in the range – its effectiveness was proven in Underwater 7 & 8 at St Johns on the Linear Fisheries complex! - and its bright pink colouration made it a popular choice as a soak for pop-ups and other hookbaits.

Given its popularity along with the fact that so many anglers favour white as a bait colour these days, Kiana set about coming up with a White Almond version, and after a lot of work they managed to get it right – white is one of the hardest colours to make, given some of the other ingredients used.

The original version came in a choice of either Almond Supreme Bait Smoke, which was perfect for soaking hookbaits in, or as a thicker Power Smoke version which could be added to PVA bags and spod mixes, or dried onto the outside of hookbaits to form a crust.

So, fans of the flavour will be pleased to hear that the newly released version comes in a choice of White Almond Supreme or White Almond Smoke, to cover any situation that you want to use it in.

Those who have been lucky enough to get their hands on some of it before it is released to the general public have been enjoying some great results, as you would expect with this flavour and colour combination.

The final new addition to the Goo range is Outrageous Orange Smoke, which is a fairly thick liquid in a pastel orange colour, with a citrus orange taste/smell.

Orange coloured baits have been very popular for over 30 years, and they are still just as successful today. In terms of the flavour, orange isn’t as commonly used as it maybe should be as it combines sweet and citrus notes, making it a deadly attractor.

The viscosity of the Outrageous Orange Smoke makes it ideal for adding to PVA bags before they are cast out, or for painting on to hookbaits, allowing to dry, and then repeating the process, amongst other uses. This one will definitely be popular during the warmer months.

It is already a firm favourite with Monster Carp presenter Neil Spooner, amongst others, and he has been putting it to good use, catching carp both at home and abroad, ever since he first got hold of one of the sample bottles!

All three will be available in Korda stockists from March 19, priced at £11.99 for a 115ml bottle, or from www.korda24.com