Thirties Trio - Billy Scotter

This winter I planned to do a bit on a five-acre southern gravel pit, with the hope of catching a couple of the good ’uns that the lake contains. What happened during a session in January though I didn’t expect. It was 17th January 2014 that I was to get out and do my first session of the New Year. What a session it turned out to be. Turning up at the lake I could see the top end of the lake was busy so opted to go to the other end of the lake where there was no pressure.
Also the previous year in the winter a good mate of mine had a fish known as the Golden Common from this area of the lake, one I would gladly welcome into my net. I had a little lead about in the zone my friend caught the Golden from until I got a nice donk, and made sure it was clean by pulling the rod tip back slowly, which it was, so I clipped up and attached my D-rig made from IQ2 hook link, attached a bait and got it out on the spot, followed by 15 freebies ‘pulted around it. I repeated the process with the second rod a bit further round to the left, for this rod though I decided to fish a single high-attract pop-up presented on a hinged stiff rig, made from mouth trap and IQ2.
The first bite came to the rod fished with the high-attract pop-up, at around 7am the following morning, after a battle of about 10 minutes I landed a big mirror. I recognised the fish straight away as being one named Black Spot. Leaving the fish in the net I made a phone call to my good friend Luke, after telling him what I had in the net he said he would be down in a bit. While waiting for him to turn up I got a new rig tied up and back out to the spot. Luke turned up about half an hour later, along with two other people I got to know from fishing down that way. We got the fish out, up on the scales and they went round to 39lb 15oz… happy days. Pics done, cup of tea to celebrate then Luke went off to fetch his gear and set up on the other side of the lake.
Later that day at around 2pm the same rod pulled up tight again, which resulted in the Golden Common at 34lb 6oz. Then at around 4:30pm I was on the phone to a mate when I had a one-toner on the other rod, that resulted in a 31lb 12oz fully scaled mirror, BUZZING!