Thirties Hat-Trick - Chris Cummins

Essex carper Chris Cummins has enjoyed a great run of results recently from big-fish water Cleverley Mere. Here’s how he’s done it!

“After a very eventful and productive summer on the picturesque Cleverley Mere syndicate I returned after a three-week break, gagging to get back among the scaley residents.
On my arrival it was clear straight away that the summer was now a memory and the autumn was clearly set in. I had already planned to start targeting the deeper water as soon as the first frost had happened. After a quick walk around it was clear that my thinking was right, because the bulk of the shows I had seen were in the area I wanted to aim for, which just so happened to be free as well. After a quick lead around I managed to find three nice, firm silt patches to present my rigs on, which was the same rig I had used all summer – a simple blow-back rig comprising of 20lb Silt N-Trap soft and a razor-sharp size-6 Kaptor Wide Gape. The hook bait was a single 18mm Hybrid bottom bait drilled out and corked. With a kilo of bait over each rig, I set up for the night.
During the middle of the night and absolute one-toner had me running for the rods to slow down the carp, which had other plans! After a 10-minute battle it was ready for the net and I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice, dark warrior looking back at me in the shape of the odd-looking Zeppers at 30lb 6oz. I was buzzing at this capture and I packed up for work a few hours later a happy man after depositing a bit of bait.
I returned the following day and managed to slip straight back in the same swim, like a carbon copy of before, I got the rods back on the same spots and again in the night I had another immense battle but this time the culprit was something a bit more special in the shape of Cocoa at 34lb 12oz, one of the few remaining originals, buzzing didn’t come close. I followed this fish up with another three mirrors of 18lb, 25lb and 21lb then floated off to work a happy chap. I left the weekenders to get on with their fishing and returned on the Monday morning, early doors, hoping to slip back into the productive swim. My luck was in because the lake was empty… result.
All three rods were soon back in the zone, the bivvy was up and confidence was oozing from every pore, as I waited for more action. Just into dark I got the take I had been waiting for and what a battle it was; the harder I pulled the more line the culprit stripped off my reel. A good 20 minutes later and it was finally up and coughing water. With the head torch on I could tell it was another thirty and I was right, it was Rambo at 34lb 10oz, the already reliable Hybrid doing the damage consistently. Fingers crossed I can keep the bites coming through the colder weather.”