Thirties Brace - Paul McCarthy

Paul ‘Welshy’ McCarthy has been in touch to let us know about a cracking brace of thirties that he banked from Cleverley Top Lake. On the last morning of his two-night session Welshy managed to outwit two of the lake’s stunners, known as The Lord and Lilly.
He set up in a swim known as Turks. Turks holds a lot of deep, open water, which is where he wanted to be due to the colder weather. He also saw several good fish show in the area. After some leading around, he found a nice spot at 50 yards range, on a firm silt bottom. He introduced a scattering of Tails Up 14mm OCM and fished over it with a white OCM pop up hook bait. The rig used to nail the fish was a hinged stiff rig, made with 20lb Mouthtrap and a size-six Kaptor Choddy in weed green.
The first two nights produced nothing, however action was soon to follow. On the last morning of the session he received his first take. As he bent into the fish the rod arced over. Unfortunately, he soon found himself in the boat rowing himself out to an unknown snag. Once above the snag he applied steady pressure. It was not looking promising as the fish remained solid in the snag. As time went on nothing had changed and he started to doubt if the fish was still on. In a last-ditch attempt, Welshy started to gradually pull the line up in the hope that the fish would come free. To his surprise, he started to gain line and before he knew it, he had a big mirror in the net along with part of the snag. After safely getting back to the bank, the fish was weighed and identified as The Lord. At 32lb on the nose, Paul was over the moon. Another one off the list and one step closer to Geezer’s. Welshy’s good friend Ben Gough soon came down to do some pictures for him.
Shortly after returning The Lord, Welshy was away again. This time he had a little more luck with landing the fish. After a short battle the fish was in the net. With Ben on hand to help with the pictures again, a fish known as Lilly at 30lb 2oz was soon swimming off to fight another day.
Welshy went from a negative state of mind, thinking that he was going to blank, to the complete opposite, by bagging two of the Top Lake whackers. He will continue to wade through the lakes stock until the day that the big’ un succumbs to his efforts. With Welshy making regular trips down to the lake we’re sure it’s only a matter of time!