Thick Wristed - Oscar Thornton

After finishing work on Monday, I jumped straight in the car and headed down to Roach Pit with a couple of nights ahead of me. After arriving I grabbed a bucket out of the boot and went for a walk, after doing one lap of the lake it was fair to say that the fish were pretty spread about with plenty at the top end of the lake. Most hidden in The Steps and Swimming Pool Snags, but there was plenty down the other end too! I found a group of around ten fish sunning themselves down in the corner at the bottom end of the lake, the majority of them seemed a lot bigger than the other fish I had seen on my walk. With the idea in mind that they would leave this shallow corner when the light went down and most probably return late morning, I decided to drop in the corner for the night with the hope of one slipping up as they came back in for some sunbathing the following day.

I placed three rigs all along the shallow marginal shelf all fished with a 6ft length of Kable Leadcore, attached to a lead clip set up with a 5oz Flat Pear. The rig was a small combi, tied up with a 5-inch length of IQ down to an inch of stripped back N-Trap with a size 6 Wide Gape, fished blow back style and a single 14mm boilie as a hook bait. I fished this over half a kilo of pellet and a hand full of boilie on each rod.

All was quiet that night and it wasn't until around 10am the following morning that I saw a fish moving their way down the shelf, sitting on my hands I watched the Scattered Linear, a fish around the 30lb mark, fanning over the spot before starting to troff away. After what felt like hours, the fish turned around and swam away, I couldn't believe it! It had just practically cleared the tiny spot and left without so much as even looking like it had picked up my rig. I picked the rod up and swung it in only to find that I had been birded during the night and I didn't have any hookbait on! Not the best start to my trip, after popping the rig back on the spot and re-baiting I sat and watched for the next three hours without even a sign of a fish down that end of the lake. So I decided to take a walk up the other end and see what I could find, it wasn't long before I found a group of fish in The Steps Snags sunning themselves in the shallow water under the trees.

I opted to move into Steps for the last night to see if I could draw one of the fish from the snags out for a little suckle. I fished exactly the same rigs and hook baits as before, placing one rod just up the shelf around 10ft off the tree and one on a hard clay spot at the bottom of the shelf, this gave me the chance of a bite as the fish moved around on top of the shelf in the sun and then a chance when they left the snags in the evening and moved back in during the early hours of the morning.

At around 8pm that evening, my rod placed up the shelf let out a few bleeps and the rod was arched over bent round the corner, lifting into it I was fully expecting a tench as this is a prime tench swim, but after the first 5-seconds of head plodding I could feel it wasn't a tench. After a short but heavy battle, I netted her and as I peered over the net cord I could see the 'Thick Wristed' resting in a ball of weed! I quickly rang my mate Brad as I knew he was visiting his friend on a lake over the road. They both came down and after weighing her in at a healthy 32lb, Brad got to work with the camera and took some lovely shots!

I quickly placed the rod back out and with the light levels dropping. It was a good job I did, because the following morning just as the sun was starting to come through the trees, the rod bent round again and after another battle, of a fish that was most definitely not a tench. I managed to land a stunning 22lb common. I was ecstatic, been waiting a while for another roach pit carp and then two come along at once!

Thanks to Brad, Ray and Ollie for the photos and lending a hand!

Until next time, enjoying your fishing and be lucky!

Oscar Thornton