The UK's Best!

Well, here they are – the pictures of what many people consider to be the very best carp in the land. There follows a few words from Korda Operations Director, Damian Clarke. Take it away Damo…

“Austin Holness, or Ozzy to his mates, finally captured the fish of his dreams in the shape of Burghfield’s legendary big common last Friday. At 55lb 4oz it ranks as one of the biggest commons ever captured in the UK.

The story of Oz’s adventure left me captivated and inspired as he recounted the moment a true obsession was finally beaten and safely held within the folds of his net. Oz is one of the nicest guys around and it’s a real privilege for us to be able to showcase these three pictures from his remarkable capture.

Massive congratulations mate, it was hard earned and we always had faith that it’d be in your net next!”

Damian and all the boys at Korda.