The Turtle Tops 3-Fish Catch For Martin Pick

Martin Pick has had quite a year! Moving house, which saw him sleeping on his bedchair at various friends houses, and following his beloved Leicester City to the Premiership title have somewhat curtailed his fishing time! However, when the assistant manager at Netbuster Tackle finally got the chance to get back out onto the bank, he wasted no time in getting to grips with his syndicate water, Wellington Country Park.

As soon as Welly re-opened after the fish spawned, Martin made the long drive from Leicester, to find large numbers of fish held up in a small bay, called The Little Lake. With two other anglers in residence, he opted to look elsewhere, eventually settling in a swim called Daisy Point, from where he’d taken good fish at this time in previous years.

Picky put his faith in a variation of the hinged stiff rig – it really singles the big carp out!

It's made from an N-Trap Soft boom and a curved Mouth Trap stiff section, joined with an albright knot.

During his first night, he heard fish showing in a small finger bay behind his bivvy, in a swim called the Korda Snags thanks to the underwater film made there in 2005. Picky moved into the snags for his last night and nicked a twenty pounder to save a blank. “This was all it took to make me so determined to get back down again the following week,” Martin told us, “Knowing that it would be my only chance to fish for a week or two.”

Martin found his the tenth car in the car park when he arrived the following Sunday. That meant that his choices would be limited, but luckily he was able to slot back into Daisy Point. “During the second night I heard a lump show around 1am in the snags again,” he noted. “With me being so close to the snags I actually thought I stood a chance where I was, but first thing in the morning my itchy feet got the better of me and I moved into the snags for the last day and night of my session, hoping that the fish I’d heard was still about and with his mates!”

He didn’t have to wait long to find out if his hunch was correct, as while getting his third rod out over a scattering of DT Cold Water Mix and N-Blend, one of the others signalled a take! The culprit turned out to be a 31lb common and just 15 minutes later he was in again! One of Welly’s big ghost carp was the result, weighing in at 46lb 6oz. Considering it was just his second session back, it was all a bit much for Martin, and things were about to take an even more dramatic turn, as he described, “I was a little blown away by getting two takes so quickly, and rushed to get the rods repositioned thinking that I stood a massive chance of another bite. Nothing happened for the rest of the day though but around 10:30pm the rod I caught the ghostie off pulled up tight again and all hell broke loose! I can honestly say I was holding on for dear life as the fish steamed up and down in front of me, bending my 3.75lb Daiwa Infinity DF to way past what I’d normally put through them. I knew that if the fish reached the snags on the far bank it was sure to end in tears.

“Luckily though, I managed to get it close enough to allow me to give a wild swoop with the net and bag the angriest carp I’ve ever caught. I looked in the net and saw a massive fish but was still unaware of which one it was until I tried to lift it onto my mat and saw its purple belly and distinctive shape, instantly recognising it as the Turtle. I then proceeded to panic like mad in order to get the fish back in a retainer and try to source someone to come and take my pictures.”

With the king of the lake on the bank, Martin was extremely nervous, and wanted to get The Turtle back as quickly as possible. The lads recorded a new personal best weight of 55lb 12oz. “The pics turned out great, considering the state I was in” Martin laughed, “I kept thanking Pete for coming to do the pics, which I was so grateful for, then shortly after my other mate Greg turned up in my swim and stayed up with me all night, drinking tea and talking all things carpy until the sun came up the following day. This was so special for me and a night that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Picky fished a Zinger hook bait over the top of his freebies.

His freebies were a mix of DT Cold Water Mix and N-Blend.