The Singlez system is coming to a tackle shop near you soon!

One of the most eagerly anticipated new products for 2016 will be arriving in tackle shops from next month onwards – we bring you Singlez!

Never has there been a set-up that is as stylish and functional as the Singlez, and it has taken many hours of development and testing to get it just right so that it meets the exacting standards of Korda boss, Danny Fairbrass, who originally dreamed up the idea, and it has been manufactured exactly to his specifications.

JAG were already renowned for their high quality, stainless steel products, so it made perfect sense to get them to manufacture the Singlez, which are made in England from the best materials available, and you can rest assured that they will last a life time.

The journey from the initial concept to the finished product has taken time, but finally it is exactly how Danny wanted it, and has been rigorously tested, and is ready to be released to the angling public.

Danny explained: “The Singlez came from a session in France with some mates, as far back as 2008, and we were talking about creating a single bankstick set-up where they were all perfectly spaced.

“We all love using single sticks but it is a real pain getting them straight and the right distance apart on every single one, and you always hit a stone and the last one won’t go in properly!

“We talked about a way of achieving that and also stopping them twisting, as we were all using buzzer bar systems with stabilisers, and as tight as you do them up, you always get a little bit of twist.

“The idea of having a central boss that the buzzer bar element drops into really sets the Singlez apart. That boss revealed a thread underneath that the spike screwed into and locked everything solid so there was no way that it could twist.

“It was a couple of years from talking about it that I actually got a set made, and I think it was 2010 when I first started using them after an engineer made me a set.

“From the second I started using them I was literally stopping anglers in their tracks who wanted to know where I got it from and who makes it.

“But we couldn’t find anyone who could make it at the right price point so that lots of anglers would be able to use it, and make it in the quality that we wanted.

“Working with a company like JAG to make this system is a real coup for us as they are known for quality and precision engineering within the UK.

“I’ve known about Jim for a while as he is such a good angler and has a real eye for attention to detail. That transfers into his working life as well and you know what he creates is going to be fantastic and that Singlez are going to last infinitely longer than they would do if they’d been made in the Far East.

“I think its essential to have an angling mind behind the manufacturing as well as the design – you’re going to be using this in 10 years time, exactly the same bits as you buy today!

“You can add the stage stands to it, you can use it as single sticks, or two on the system and one round the corner, so it is very versatile.”