The Sergeant- Daniel Fellows

Daniel Fellows has been concentrating his efforts on the Linear Fisheries syndicate waters in the last 16 months. In that time he has managed to get among some of the gems in the lake and runs us through his latest session right here…

“I arrived early on the Saturday morning to find the lake surprisingly quiet for a weekend. With the weather man giving warnings of gale-force winds hitting the south of the country, I found myself rushing around to try and find fish and get set up ready for the heavens to open. Thankfully, I found a small pocket of fish sheltered under a willow tree on the island.

We are now in early autumn, so when fishing tight to an island there is going to be debris under the canopy. With this in mind I opted to fish three chod rigs tight to the island, baited with my ever-faithful Cell pop-ups. Not knowing what the bottom was like, the chod rig is the perfect presentation when the fish are active and I need to keep the disturbance to the minimum. Thankfully, the wind didn’t cause too much trouble whilst getting the rods out so it was time to put some bait out. I scattered around 1kg of 18mm Cell around the island and my traps were set for the night.

Surprisingly, I had no action through the day; it wasn’t until the hours of darkness when they decided to get their heads down and have a feed. I then caught steadily through the night, which was until the weather took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t fish effectively. Finally it calmed down and I could get back to business. I continued scattering bait around the island, picking off fish for the next few days.

After a bait delivery from my good friend Ben, I set about putting some more bait in after running out; it was clear they were on the bait and enjoying it. Being up through the night, I got my head down for an afternoon nap. Next thing I was scrambling to my rods, after receiving an absolute screamer. When I made contact with it, it started taking line. It felt in a different league to anything else I’d bent into over the session and 20 minutes later it graced my net.

Straight away I knew which fish it was, The Sergeant. This was one I dearly wanted to catch, so to say that I was happy was an understatement. When we got around to weighing her, she pulled the scales round to 39lb 3oz. One of the best looking carp I’ve seen as well, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What a season I’ve had, taking Orange Spot at 39lb 12oz and The Big Common at 44lb 2oz. Hopefully this run continues on a year too remember for me. Roll on 2014!