The Road Lake has produced some amazing carp this year!

What a year it has been for the Road Lake at Gigantica, with numerous PBs being broken by anglers and also new landmarks for the lake itself with lake records being broken on a number of occasions.

It just shows that this lake is really moving forward now with two fish now going over the 50lb barrier and it’s great to see the numerous new 40lb fish being caught as well. With the rate that these fish are growing I’m sure that we will have at least a couple of other fish going over that 50lb mark during the 2016 season.

The 2015 season started off at a steady pace, opening the week commencing 28th March and with the weather still waiting to start to warm up it was a tricky week, but the guys on this week still managed 17 fish with a handful of 30’s up to 36lb.

Catches on the lake really kicked off though for the anglers fishing during the week starting 2nd May. Landing 132 fish between them including 4 different 40’s and 22 different 30’s with the remainder made up of 20lb fish. Notable fish out this week was the Unnamed Common at 42lb, Three Scale at 41lb 8oz and the Snub Nosed at 41lb.

Anglers who did very well on this week were Brent and Aidy Whitehead, they both managed 28 fish each and were fishing in the swims Decoy and Birches. Another angler on form this week was Ben Larter and his partner Hannah Serrell, who are regular visitors with us at the Road Lake and always manage to do well when they visit. On this occasion Ben managed 26 fish from the Tea Party 2 swim, which was still open at the time to fish from.

The annual Korda social took place at the later part of the summer, another notable week with a good number of fish being caught from all around the lake. Top capture for the week was to Tim Gray, who went wishing to catch a Common over the 40lb mark, a target he was yet to accomplish in the past, but saved this until the final few hours of the trip. In fact the Saturday morning of departure! Well done mate.

He was fishing in Turtles Corner and landed a common at 42lb 4oz after a little guidance and help from Danny Fairbrass and so due to this, this fish then became known as The Carp Academy Common for this very reason. This is another fish that has done a good growth rate, coming out at the start of the year at 36lb.

During early October, angler Glynn Pinchbeck who was set up in Dunkerque had a notable session. Fishing out at 20 rod length out towards the Island in front of TP2 he managed 6 x 40s and 10 x 30s!! Fish included the lovely Em’s, Lake Record Common and The Carp Academy Common.

2015 saw recorded 1756 fish landed over the 31 weeks that we have been open for during 2015, so averaging 57 fish per week. Numerous captures have fallen to our exclusive bait from Mainline Baits, the ever faithful Spicy Active boilie. In fact this bait has accounted for numerous fish on both lakes this year.

Rig wise, the IQ D rigs have been one of the most popular rigs used during 2015, matching this with the Spicey Active wafter hook baits that we sell on site. The Gigantica special Banoffee wafters, again fished over our boilie, has taken good numbers of fish too.

As mentioned earlier, we managed to produced two new 50-pounders. The two fish that have made the land mark 50lb weight are the Wright Fish and the newly named Big Mac. The Wright Fish has in fact been out twice in the later part of 2015 over 50lb. Firstly to Ben Larter from Turtles Corner in early September at its first time over 50lb and the lakes first 50lb fish, at the time, at 50lb 4oz. Then in late September this fish was captured again this time at a new lake record size of 51lb 8oz for Andy fishing in Decoy. A fish with a bright future ahead of it in weight terms I am sure - what will it achieve in 2016?

The second of our new 50lb fish was caught by Luke Holmes fishing from Billies swim, who caught Big Mac, which Luke named after his capture at the weight of 51lb on the nose. The last time that fish was landed was back in May 2015 at 41lb! A 10lb growth rate during the year is some going! Another fish with a bright future ahead of it.

Possible fish that could break into the 50lb category next year could well be fish such as; The Hammer, a regular visitor to the bank and who has been on a constant growth rate going from 41lb’s in June 2015 and then at its top weight to date of 47lb in October 2015. If this continues growing I believe this will be the next new 50lb fish to grace a lucky anglers net. Rose Bud is another fish that is showing promise of good weights for 2016. It doesn’t visit the bank as often but its top weight for 2015 has been its last capture back in September of this year at 46lb.

A couple of Commons that are coming through nicely are;

The Lake Record Common: which is sure to be at a good weight during the spring. This fish managed a top weight of 46lb 10oz back in June, a possible high 40lb weight for its next capture?

Moomin: this is another common that is starting to do some good growth rates. It has gained 7lb over the year so hopefully be pushing top 40s during 2016. Top weight for 2015 was 44lb.

We still have a couple of 40lb mirrors that we stocked that have remained under the radar, promising a possible surprise for someone in 2016. Another couple of 40s that remained uncaught until this year were The Northerner and Ron’s - both fish named by the lucky anglers that caught them and both low 40’s so both fish should move on up in weight during 2016 hopefully.

A massive thank you to the bailiff team for all their work in 2015 on the Road Lake - Steve, Buzz and Adam, who have been epic throughout the year.

Looking forward towards 2016 for the lake itself, we have plans for a new lake configuration that should be taking place during the winter months, more information will become available once this work has taken place. We also have a new swim planned that should be built, fingers crossed during the winter as well.

Don’t forget if you are visiting us in 2016 these are hungry carp and plenty of them too, so use good amounts of boilies and pellets. Also we recommend that you use minimum size 4 hooks, these fish have big mouths and we have had anglers losing a number of fish during 2015 due to using a too smaller sized hook.

Price for a week’s fishing in 2016 is £395 per angler, this also includes breakfast delivered to your swim, and a main evening meal served at the lodge on the Main Lake at Gigantica 5pm daily. Bookings can be made by contacting myself, Gareth Radley, on 01268 820440. Please see the website for up to date availability information.

Having taken over from Jon Mann in the day to day administration work and bookings for Gigantica and the Road Lake this year, it has been a great time for myself and am really enjoying keeping up to date with who is catching what from the lakes and monitoring the rate at which these fish are growing.

So if you have any pictures from captures from the Road Lake that haven’t made it on to the catch report for the week you have been fishing please email them to myself (both sides of the fish if possible) with when they was caught and the weight to gareth.radley@korda.co.uk in a JPEG format is possible. I am now looking forward to my first full year working with Gigantica Lakes during 2016.

So here’s looking forward to a promising 2016, with more PBs and lake records to be broken. Check out the website http://road.gigantica-carp.com for more information and regular updates!

Simple, strong rigs and lots of bait have been the way to go in 2015

Spicy Active wafters and IQ D-rigs - a winning combo on the Road Lake!