The Perch Common - Myles Gibson

Our top northern angler, Myles Gibson has been getting amongst them once again, this time in the shape of another whacker. This is his story…

“I hadn’t fished Christchurch Lake on the Linch Hill complex, for a good few years now. Whilst tackling the tricky Stoneacres through the spring, summer and autumn, I always used to do a few sessions on Christchurch through the winter months.

Now it’s recently turned day ticket, I was really excited when I had trip planned for early March, as I knew they would be waking up at this time.

A few of my good friends were fishing the lake at the time, so after exchanging text messages with one of them, found they were showing everywhere. I was counting down the seconds till I could get to the lake.

It had been fishing quite slow; there had been a few out and a couple lost in the weed in recent weeks, so it could turn out to be a tricky few days.

We arrived in the early hours and after a mooch round, I decided to drop into a swim known as The Plate. The fish had been out in front of there for a good few weeks and with the whole of the back bank being completely empty due to the water level making most swims uncomfortable, it looked the best option.

Christchurch is a lovely deep and clear Oxfordshire gravel pit, so at this time of year when the temperatures are rising and the carp are starting to wake up, zigs are first choice on the menu.

I cast all three rods out on different depth zigs, in the areas where I had seen a few fish bobbing about. Knowing the lake like I do, depth wise, there was no need for me to play around with a marker rod and cause any unwanted disturbance. I knew all the depths in front of me.

That first night I had a drop back, a clear pick up on a small piece of black foam, but connected with nothing, I had been royally done!

The following morning, I noticed the seagulls smashing the water to my right about 50 or 60 yards out. Then the odd fish would roll amongst them, so I recast a zig right on the area and another just to the left and a little further out.

Around 25 minutes later, the right-hand bobbin dropped to the floor, fish on! After a good tussle, I netted a lovely common at 28lb 7oz.

I was over the moon to have nailed one; a hour or so later, there was a huge crash right over the middle rod. With that, my bobbin dropped back. Instantly it felt a good one and after a long hard battle, it popped up in front of me and the thick-set golden shoulders confirmed my thoughts, it was a beast!
It was The Perch Common; at good weight too, all 43lb 10oz of it. I was absolutely over the moon; this was my tenth UK forty and what a fish to do it with.

I sat back with a brew moment’s later, taking it all in when the left-hand rod was away again. This was crazy, it was turning into a dream session! That one turned out to be a lovely common just over 27lb.

The rest of the trip was very quiet, but I was more than happy with how the session had turned out!