The Parrot And The House Of Commons - Dan Wildbore

After spending the last couple of years exploring busy day ticket waters, I felt it was time to have a go at fishing a syndicate. With the idea of it generally being a bit quieter, it would make a difference to the crowded bank sides that I was so used to. The place in mind was a lake, which unfortunately I cannot name due to publicity reasons, at around 23 acres in size.
Boasting various bays, bars, weed beds everything you could want for carp weights to thrive. There is no official stock all we can go by is a general estimate of around 90 fish.
The last thing I needed to be doing was playing around with new rigs, bait etc. So a freezer full of Ngage XP and plenty of the ever faith full Kurv shanks stocked up, I wanted to stick to what I felt confident with! The first few weeks were really tough, not so much as even seeing one. However, the week after I did manage my first one in the shape of a dark mid-twenty common, result!
The next trip was a case of highs and lows; by this I mean I was left devastated losing one to the weed. However, I did manage to land a cracking 30lb 4oz ghost common, which certainly made up for my misfortunes of the lost one.
The next trip was certainly one to remember, because I managed to catch one they call Baby Two Tone common at 35lb 7oz. I then went home to go on holiday with my girlfriend for two days, before returning to do another night. It was certainly worth the effort as the following morning I had the Parrot at 39lb 1oz, come on!
Early June saw the fish get their yearly ritual over and done with and after leaving it a couple of weeks I headed back down there. I settled for the swim where I had the 35 pounder, it looked really good for it so all rods went out on the normal Ngage snowman’s with 50 baits scattered round each rod. The dawn chorus sang signalling a biteless night! However, at half past nine my alarm burst into life. There was no time for waders so I jumped in to commence battle with a very angry carp!
Making charging bursts for every weed and reed bed in sight it certainly wasn’t giving in any time soon! Ten minutes later she finally lay defeated on the surface. I slipped her in the sack while a few mates came round to give me a hand. It was a common known as Blind eye and at a weight of 38lb 8oz it was apparent it had dropped 6lb on its last capture signalling it was well and truly spawned out but when they look like that who cares. Two twenty’s followed that night putting a great end to a great session.

Dan Wildbore