The Only Way is Essex - Part Five

After my last hit of eight twenties, things were obviously starting to fall into place and with one more trip left before heading off to a new syndicate I was really hoping I could capitalise and grab a few more fish.

The fish still weren’t showing but, in spite of that, I decided to get down for first light just in case I could see any signs that they were going to give anything away.

After an hour or so I saw nothing and having primed the spot I’d caught well from last week with a bit of Cutting Edge Caramel Crunch, I thought it would be best to fire rods out and test the ground.

The bigger of a quickfire brace for Dan; a 26lb common.

The successful setup was the multi rig, made with N-Trap Soft and a Wide Gape hook.

The lake was empty and as the sun rose it looked like a carbon copy of the previous week, and within 20 minutes the left hander pulled tight and I was connected to a carp and a chunky 24lb 12oz mirror hit the back of the net!

That was a great start and the action continued into the morning and I landed two commons of 25lb 4oz and 26lb. The spot went quiet after this but I decided to pitch the tent up and stay in that area for the night. I wasn’t putting too much bait out but I was feeding little and often trying to entice bites, a spomb of 12mm Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp every 90 minutes or so.

During the early hours I had another bite, and a less heavy battle was underway, I hadn’t realised how cold the night had got so I wanted the fish in quickly so I could get tucked back into the warm. It wasn’t until I netted the fish that I saw I’d just done battle with my target fish - an incredible looking carp, which pulled the needle round to 33lb 2oz.

Getting sleep after that was impossible so I sat up making sure the sacked fish was ok until getting some pictures at first light. Big thank you to my pal Tim for doing a great job behind the lens.

I re-chucked the rods with fresh hook baits and before long it was off again! This time a lovely long 28lb 8oz common, and to top the trip off I then had a proper chunk of a common weighing in at 32lb 8oz to end my six months on the lake.

In all, I ended up with 40 fish including 33 carp over 20lb and seven over 30lb. I absolutely love the lake, the way it’s run and my fellow members and I’m looking forward to going back next winter for another go!

Rigs were multi rigs comprising of 20lb N-Trap, with a size 6 Wide Gape hook going up to a Quick Release Lead Clip, 3.5oz Textured Lead and 16 inches of Dark Matter Tubing.

I can at this point tell you how much of an important role using the Touchdown mainline has proved; along the reed line I was fishing the mega hard drops were critical, if I didn’t land on them I simply wouldn’t get a bite.

I’ve already made a start on what will be my toughest challenge to date on a new syndicate and I’ve had a result! I’ll tell you more about that next time…

Be lucky… Dan

This 32b common capped off the trip.