The Only Way Is Essex, Part 4- Dan Bruton

Korda angler Dan Bruton has been on the trail of more Essex carp, in the latest installment of his East-based carping adventures...

I had a pretty miserable February in Essex - fish had started to wake up but my timings were out of sync and I struggled to make it happen, which is always a little frustrating. But that’s fishing and we have to dust ourselves down and wait for things to become right.

And things certainly did hot up for me last week. The previous week I finally nailed one, a 25lb 12oz mirror and sometimes just one bite can put all the woes behind, so I was obviously very keen to get back down to see if I could capitalise.

I had a few nights planned and a well overdue day booked off work and as I arrived it had done quite a few bites - sometimes that can work against you but it felt like they were really starting to eat some bait.

My first night drifted by quietly and I’d purposely not fished where I had caught from the previous week because that area had done a few fish a couple of days beforehand. But after securing the area and keeping lines free from there, I decided to flick a rod out for the morning to see if anything was lurking.

To cut a very long story short, they were there and in large numbers! Over the next 24 hours I had eight fish, all over 20lb, including a fish we lovingly call ‘Elvis’ and it was amazingly only the third ever known capture of it. At 28lb 8oz it was my biggest of the trip and the highlight.

I was using the ever-faithful Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp boilies and after five fish I actually ran out. Luckily I had a bucket of Cutting Edge Products Caramel Crunch particle mix in the van for emergencies!

Rig-wise I was using what has now become a firm favourite of mine on a variety of different waters, the multi rig, with a little twist of using a size 6 Wide Gape, I’ve found it gives me a great hook hold over other patterns. Going further up I was using a 3.5oz lead on a Quick Release Lead Clip and 16 inches of Dark Matter Tubing to keep the business end pinned to the deck.

I’ve got perhaps just one more trip left in Essex before I head off hunting some very large carp, so fingers crossed I can nab a couple more before moving on.

Be lucky,