The Only Way Is Essex - Dan Bruton

This year has been an incredible angling year for me, probably one of the most fruitful and enjoyable that I’ve experienced with numerous targets achieved. I’ve been lucky enough to angle on various venues, but one I always end up at is a lovely little syndicate in Essex and I was looking at trying to get a few of the larger residents in the album.

For my first trip I’d done a bit of homework and decided to concoct a particle mix comprising Cutting Edge’s Methi Magic, a few different sizes of pellet, a helping of corn and the awesomely consistent Freshwater Shrimp boilies from Trent Baits. I didn’t go in too heavy and was basically angling for a bite at a time to get to grips with what the fish were up to and then assess it from there.

My first night passed quietly as expected and I’d heard a fair few fish about during the night so I sat tight and luckily got myself the first bite that I dearly wanted and what an incredible fish it was; almost black and a fish that I regard as the best looker in the lake at just under 27lb, what a buzz!

With that, I decided to up the bait levels and during the night I had two more bites, a mid-double common and my first thirty from the lake, a cracking mirror of 31lb 4oz. The bait was rocking and the rigs working a treat. The action had left me sleepy so I grabbed an hour’s kip and was woken up by a ripping take, which produced another of the lakes bigger residents at 30lb 12oz. Blooming marvellous, I went home a very happy chap!

The following week I got myself back in the same area and after a fruitless 36 hours I was running out of time and having heard fish in a different area I moved and I’m glad I did! That afternoon I had three fish very quickly in breaks in the torrential, stormy weather, a mid-double, a 26lb 4oz common and a stunning mirror of just under 27lb.

I set the rods on a very starry and moonlit night and unusually woke up at 3am, just one of those amazing nights to be out on the bank. As I was drifting off at around 4am one of the rods let out a couple of bleeps, “Birds,” I thought. It did it again and upon inspection the line was ping tight. Fish on! It came in like a dog on a lead, in probably under a minute, so I thought it was a smaller fish until I shone the head-torch and was met with a huge linear, which could only be a carp known as the Baby Model, not quite the baby any more though! It was four pounds heavier than it’s usual weight and, at 38lb 4oz, it capped off a trip to remember.

As always, my rigs consisted of 20lb N-Trap straight through to the quite simply amazing size-six Wide Gape hook. It was fished lead clip style with a nice length of Dark Matter tubing to keep the presentation pinned down beautifully. One thing worth mentioning at this point was the use of 15lb Touchdown main line. It’s awesome for feeling the harder drops within a spot, which is what was the important factor in this spell of angling.

I’ve since had a few more cracking trips so keep your eyes peeled for another update.

Be Lucky, Dan.